Beating Hillary was easy, irony of the race card

© 2016 Jim Spence - It is time to make a couple of points that desperately need to be made lest we all be delusional about what we have all witnessed this week.
The “Trump Miracle” was, in reality, a rejection of the Obamas and the Clintons. It was a win that Trump, due to his glaring flaws, made look much harder than it had to be.
The truth is pretty simple. Defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 was going to be very easy for anyone else. Sorry to break it to you, but millions of people voted for Trump in spite of him. They did so because they knew what the implications were for the third branch of government (the judiciary) if they did not. They also knew Obama’s policies have been a disaster.
Thanks to a completely discredited news media (except Fox), the Marxist freight train, one which our education system has failed to teach people about for decades, looked unstoppable just a few days ago. It wasn’t unstoppable. It stopped itself. The Democratic Party train wreck is historic. But again…….and make no mistake……..defeating Hillary Clinton was no tough feat. Marco Rubio could have done it easily and won by a much wider margin. Ted Cruz could have done it easily too. The same is true for more than a dozen of the GOP candidates who were running against Trump in the GOP primaries. To make Trump’s win some sort of Trump miracle is to do what America is prone to doing.......grossly exaggerate an interesting situation.
All of this being said, what Trump did in terms of giving the middle finger to every elite on both sides of the aisle was pretty extraordinary. In this sense he deserves unique credit. Because of the way GOP elites treated him he is beholden to practically nobody. This could be important.
The second point is the great irony of the Clinton’s getting beat in part because of their pathological insistence on playing the race card. 
Understand this about the Clintons, if you understand nothing else. They are cold calculating executioners who have cared nothing about anything except grabbing low hanging political fruit that kind that gives them more power. The most predictable thing the Clintons have done through most of their careers is to stoke the racial paranoia fears within the black community. The Clinton’s pandering to racial paranoia in the black community finally backfired in 2008. It was then that Barack Obama, deliciously turned the Clinton’s race card playing on its ear. Obama inferred to millions of endlessly gullible black voters that the Clinton’s were racists too. In doing so, he turned the Democratic primaries in his favor by snatching the black vote right out of the hands of the disgustingly patronizing Clintons and into his own disgusting hands.
The Clintons were furious in 2008 at being called racists by Obama. Imagine that. The Clintons have always believed that they should be able to betray anyone at any time, while also believing that nobody, including Obama, should ever be allowed to betray them, especially by using race baiting tactics.
Fast forward. Nearly eight years after the failed Obama policies have been laid bare for everyone to see, it was very clear that Obama had delivered NOTHING for anyone. Accordingly, the Clintons were faced with a dilemma regarding the truth. The Clintons could try to con people and pretend Obama’s policies were a success, or they could run the risk of losing the black vote by running AGAINST all of the obvious Obama failures including the spawning of Black Lives Matter, an organization defined by police officer murders all around the nation.
The Clintons believed that yet another lie was in order.......because they were ADDICTED to that 92% black vote. As such, the Clintons continued to pretend Obama’s polices have worked while the nation wanted change.
In the end, it was actually comical what happened to Hillary Clinton. The Clintons desperately needed a big turnout in the black community. They went so far as to repeatedly blame most of American ills including the murders of cops on white bigotry. They did this because they thought they needed to do it to get the black vote. In their overreach, Hillary Clinton mortally offended the majority of Americans, millions of non-racist whites in America.
What did Hillary get in return for inferring that almost all whites are racist? She got nothing. The black voters did exactly what they have been conditioned to do by Democrats. For at least six decades Democrats have done everything to convince blacks to see almost all white people with great suspicion. Sadly, Mr. Obama doubled down on this cynically divisive stand for the last eight years. The great paranoia stoking that stigmatizes all white people in the minds of millions of blacks is now complete. And thanks to a divisive message from Democrats, inner city black American voters are still the most monolithic voters in the history. Black voters saw Hillary as nothing more than a wrinkled, old, white woman. Unfortunately for Democrats this crass manipulation of black voters has limits. Blacks rarely turn out in large percentages for elections……..except in the case when a black person (i.e. Obama) is on the ticket.
What are Democrats going to do now? Will they require all of their future presidential candidates to be black or will they stop lying to blacks?
Stay tuned.