Ten great ideas plus the follow-up thought

© 2016 Jim Spence - Below is a list of ten great ideas the Democrats came up with over the last eight years.
1) Let’s gut the healthcare system in America. We’ll tell people we aren’t gutting the system by assuring them if they like their insurance they can keep it, knowing full well they are going to see their policies cancelled and only be offered policies that stink. We will also tell them their premiums are going down and their coverage is going to improve when we know their premiums are going to go up and their coverage is going to go down. Once we do this we will call this process our “signature achievement.”
2) Let’s demand that grown men be allowed to pee and crap in the ladies rooms anytime they want to, based on which sex they say they identify as. If anyone objects to this insanity, we will curl our lips and call them bigots and extremists.
3) After radical Muslim terrorists have shouted “Allah Akbar” and butchered hundreds of Americans in separate incidents around the nation, let’s say that their radical religious-based mass murders, that are tolerated in many mosques, have nothing to do with their religion.
4) Let’s pretend that streams of refugees from Muslim countries that indoctrinate all citizens to hate America as a matter of routine, pose no threat. In fact, let’s re-settle these people in America against the will of the people who already live here with no concern whatsoever for whether or not these people have already been radicalized or will become radicalized.
5) Let’s ignore the film of a 350 pound black man as he is robbing a convenience store. Let’s also ignore the evidence that this same criminal attacked a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri a few minutes later. Next let’s pretend the mountain of forensic evidence that confirms this criminal tried to take the officer’s weapon doesn’t exist. Finally, let’s ignore all of the evidence against this violent punk, and instead claim that he was a victim of racism. We can use the Justice Department to blame his death on the police there instead of his own criminal behavior.
6) Let’s look at cop killings by blacks all over America by Black Lives Matter sympathizers and infer that we should place the blame on white people and their “attitudes.”
7) Let’s ignore the epidemic of black-on-black murders in the inner cities because it serves no political purpose we are interested in to try to fix this problem.
8) Let’s jail a wide variety of people for minor mishandling of classified information but use our Attorney General to force the FBI to look the other way when a former Secretary of State destroys her official classified emails and then lies about it.
9) Let’s ignore all of the warning signs of a pending terrorist attack in Benghazi, order first responders to stand down, and then claim no responsibility for our actions when four Americans are murdered there. Then we can put together a lie about the causes and blame them on a video when we are questioned by the media.
10) Let’s embrace the 9 ideas above and then become collectively astonished when our candidate, who agreed with all of these ideas didn’t win the presidency.
Moving forward let's turn our attention to the millions of people who voted for Obama twice, before voting for Trump in 2016………let’s call them all racists and blame the entire election loss on racism.