Pardon me Mr. Obama

© 2016 Jim Spence - Here’s another odd element of the post election dialogue.
It has been said that Donald Trump should pardon Hillary Clinton and abandon “his” investigations of her. This is comical. The last time anyone checked, it is Loretta Lynch, an Obama appointee who is running the U.S. Department of Justice. The DOJ has authority over the FBI and Mr. Obama is the chief executive officer of the United States. Accordingly, all investigations with authority to prosecute the Clintons were initiated under the Department of Justice that is 100% controlled by Obama and his Democratic Party appointees.
Mr. Obama has more than two months left in his term. He continues to be free to terminate the FBI investigations of the Clinton Foundation, and if he wishes pardon Hillary Clinton for any actions she may have taken that are prosecutable.
A logical question arises. When did it become Donald Trump’s responsibility to tell Mr. Obama what his Department of Justice should do, even for the final two months of his term?
Perhaps Trump should publically defer to the existing administration and its own decision to investigate the Clinton Foundation. If Mr. Obama wants to let Loretta Lynch know she should call off the FBI investigations of the Clintons and pardon the Clintons, my guess is Mr. Trump will not reverse that process when he is inaugurated.
So what will Mr. Obama do? It would be a good start to simply admit these investigations into the Clinton Crime Syndicate started within HIS Justice Department…….not the GOP’s. Of course don’t waste any energy expecting the media to point any of this out. The discredited media is already fast at work attempting to build on the negative and divisive narratives it promoted during the election.
Still the great irony of this investigation into all of the criminal behaviors of the Clintons, behaviors that Obama’s Justice Department was investigating, is that Mr. Obama and none of his surrogates ever took the opportunity to appoint a special prosecutor……nor did they simply put an end to the investigations. Instead of bringing the issue to a conclusion, the Obama administration has refused to end it. Obama has let this linger when he could have killed it.
Why should Trump do the dirty work for the Democrats? Let Obama clean the scum out of his own kitchen.

Kaepernick has company

© 2016 Jim Spence - Sometimes a guy like Colin Kaepernick can do rational Americans a huge favor. Since I have written extensively about what a stiff this backup quarterback with the $100 million contract and nothing good to say about America is, I’ll refrain from a thorough rehash. Suffice to say Kaepernick represents the essence of the Black Lives Matter movement…..a movement that endorses the killing of cops and is embraced by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and every other high-profile, race baiting, big government socialist that has infected the Democratic Party. 
Kaepernick’s woe is me because I am a person of color narrative, has actually been the stock and trade of the Democrats for decades. Nobody can exemplify this view better than a fabulously wealthy and over-paid half-black man, (not Obama, Colin Kaepernick). And just when you thought Kaepernick and all of his twisted thought processes had reached a crescendo a few weeks ago, he topped himself right after the election.
How could he top himself? He started with being clueless of the fact that in many countries if he sat during the national anthem, he’d be jailed instead of seeing a nice uptick in his licensed jersey sales. Second, his ignorance was compounded by the fact that unlike in the America he doesn’t respect, in many countries nobody gets to vote. When asked who he voted for, Kaepernick replied that he hadn’t bothered to vote. This was laughable to many of us and outrageous to others. Kaepernick's revelation even set off a few of his fellow race baiters. One such race-baiter, Stephen Smith of ESPN, was particularly indignant. He was furious that a person with such strong held political beliefs would not bother to make value judgments and press the buttons for the candidate who best represented his beliefs, or even alternatively at least take the time to vote against the candidates that least represented his beliefs. Nope, Kaepernick simply chose to express no value judgments on the great questions at hand. What a schmuck.
My main point here actually has NOTHING to do with Colin Kaepernick. We already knew what a schmuck he is. Kaepernick merely serves a great lead-in to a discussion about Mitt Romney, George H.W. Bush, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, John Kasich, and many other supposedly pro-constitution thinkers who have urged people to vote thousands of times.
I remember John Kasich’s television show on Fox. He educated viewers on the importance of voting to make sure the judicial system was not poisoned by jackass justices who would ignore the document (the U.S. Constitution) that should be their guiding principle. I also remember Mitt Romney’s days as governor of Massachusetts. During his tenure he said and did things that turned my stomach. Still, I held my nose and voted for Romney in 2012. After all he might have to appoint a Supreme Court justice. Sometimes you have to do chose the imperfect over disaster.
I remember that George H.W. Bush branded the policies of Ronald Reagan as “voodoo economics” a year before they began to produce the longest peacetime economic expansion in the history of America. Yep, I held my nose and voted for Bush in 1988. I remember the short comings of George W. Bush, including the utter lack of spending discipline during his first term. I held my nose and voted for him again in 2004 just in case a Supreme Court judge died or stepped down. I also remember on separate occasions hearing Barbara Bush and Laura Bush explain how important it was to make sure that their husbands were afforded the opportunity to appoint solid pro-constitution justices. Yes, I agreed with these first lady's logic too.
Think about the predictable conflicts those of us who understand the character flaws of Donald Trump faced this year. Sorry folks, all of the so-called Republicans that I just named in the above paragraphs (and many others), faced those same conflicts. We all knew what one more Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, or Elena Kagan would do to permanently damage our nation. What did we rational thinkers do about the conflicts? We held our noses, just as we always have, and we did our duty to head off a disaster in the judicial branch of our government.
What about the Bushes, the Romney’s, the Kasich’s and the dozens of other high profile Republicans who seemed almost eager to tell reporters they left the box for president on their ballots blank? In doing so, they made the decision that they were willing to let the Supreme Court of the United States fall into the hands of Marxists. Think about this. This is dereliction of duty.
These people should be politically castrated. If they shouldn't be castrated I want to hear them explain, given their own character flaws, what their “higher principle” was for deciding to go the way of Colin Kaepernick on the rest of us.
Schmucks. Total schmucks.