Human dignity and freedom? Or socialized medicine?

© 2016 Jim Spence - Well what do you know? Fidel Castro is dead. His death at age 90 makes the phrase, "Only the good die young" seem prophetic.
When I read the news this morning I was reminded of a two things. First, that Democrats have done a 180 degree turn on what Castro represents since John F. Kennedy was killed by Castro sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald. Second, I thought of a truly wonderful lady I have known for decades who still lives in Las Cruces. This woman and her physician husband escaped from Cuba nearly sixty years ago. The horror stories she has told me over the years stand as first hand testimony in the explaining of why Cuban Americans and other well informed Americans still hate the Castro brothers and everything they have stood for. This begs a question. Are all of these Cuban people who risked their lives to escape from Castro’s brutal oppression wrong?
If you listen to America’s Hollywood directors and mainstream media journalists, these misguided Cuban escapees simply overreacted to actions taken for the greater good by Castro. Hollywood elites like Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, and Michael Moore would have us believe that Castro created utopia in Cuba after he confiscated everyone’s property.
Let’s explore this phenomenon in America, which has turned Democrats from JFK supporters into Castro apologists.
First, think of all of the human beings (including my friend) who risked their lives to get away from Castro. In recent decades the list includes hundreds of professional athletes seeking basic human freedoms, the ones Democrats have been trying to condition us to ignore. The harrowing escape stories go on and on. It is also noteworthy that Michael Moore has not moved to Castro’s Cuba to take advantage of the utopia-like health care and education systems there.
How can so many Americans insist on remaining uninformed regarding the fundamental truths about Castro? The answer is simple. Public education in America is a political machine. The public education machine’s primary goal is to encourage people to trade their freedoms in for a larger and more powerful government.....sort of like Castro’s government. In doing so, American public education is willing to mask all of the ills created by Marxist dictators like Fidel Castro.
Over the years many stories that would tell the truth about Cuba have been suppressed, particularly at "news" outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and particularly at NPR.
How many people did Castro murder during his lifetime? Nobody knows for sure. However, below is a list of just a few examples of actions taken by Castro and his henchmen, the same man that high-profile American Democrats have chosen to lionize in recent years and praise today:
  • On May 27, 1966, 166 Cubans, both civilians and members of the military, were not only executed, they were killed via blood extraction (seven pints per person). Because of the failing socialist economy in Cuba, the victim’s blood was sold to Communist Vietnam for $50 per pint. Documentation of this incident comes courtesy of an Inter-American Human Rights Commission report published on April 7, 1967.
  • The Cuba Archive project ( has documented thousands of murders by Castro. The Cuba Archive researchers require verifiable confirmation of murders from at least two independent sources. The Cuba Archive has estimated that about 78,000 people were killed while trying to escape from the grasp of Castro.
  • Seventeen years ago the truth about Castro and other Marxist dictators was thoroughly reported in the “Black Book of Communism." This piece documented the astonishing costs of communism, finding that "Wherever the millenarian ideology of Communism was established it quickly led to crime, terror and repression."
  • The Cuba Archive believes more than 5,600 Cubans have died in front of firing squads and another 1,200 have been subjected to "extrajudicial assassinations." In fact, one of the American Democrat’s favorites, Che Guevara executed at least 151 Cubans via firing squad.
The Castro method has always been and continues to be to suppress by any means all opposition. Fidel Castro found that the best way to suppress dissent was to engage in summary executions. Early on Castro eliminated most resistance through executions and the fear of execution. When Castro did not kill his opponents he jailed them. Inhumane prison conditions in Cuba have included torture since Castro killed his way to power.
It is a national disgrace in America that the horrors of Castro have been largely untold by the Democrats in the American press corps and in classrooms all around the nation. Here are a few additional incidents that have never been told by our mainstream media:
  • Fifteen-year-old Owen Delgado Temprana was beaten to death in 1981 after Cuban security agents stormed the embassy of Ecuador.
  • In 1995, 17-year-old Junior Flores Diaz died after being locked in a punishment cell in a Havana province prison and denied medical attention. The Cuban project has documented these murders along with 2,197 other prison deaths, mostly political prisoners.
  • Women have been killed by Castro as well. In 1961, 25-year-old Lydia Perez who was eight months pregnant was killed when a Cuban prison guard kicked her in the stomach. She lost her baby and bled to death. 
  • Edmunda Serrat Barrios, a seventy year old Cuban woman was beaten to death in 1981 in a Cuban jail. 
  • The Cuba Archive has documented 219 female deaths including 11 firing squad executions and 20 extrajudicial assassinations.
  • Still, the largest death toll has been racked up by the Cuban navy. Three children drowned in 1971 when a Cuban navy vessel rammed their boat. Their mother, Mrs. Alberto Lazo Pastrana, was left to be eaten by sharks after the boat sunk. 
  • Twelve children drowned along with 33 others when a Cuban coast guard vessel sank their boat in 1994. 
  • In the Canimar River massacre in Cuba, 4 children along with 52 others died when the Cuban navy and a Cuban air force plane attacked an excursion boat headed for Florida in 1980.
There are hundreds of stories like these.
Astonishingly, over the years the list of people in the American media willing to fawn all over Fidel Castro reads like a who’s who of Democrat journalists. The list gets bigger every year. Dan Rather, Barbara Walters, Peter Jennings, Diane Sawyer, Andrea Mitchell, and Kate Snow are just a few of many at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and NPR who have whitewashed the Castro atrocities. Often these reporters have had the gall to do their whitewashing on location in Havana while they were just a few miles away from Castro’s torture chambers. NBC's Andrea Mitchell coyly praised Castro's health and education policies this morning. Too bad she is here instead of in Cuba.
Why would American Democrat journalists, people who enjoy freedom of speech and the freedom to speak out about their political opponents look the other way? It is because looking the other way has become standard fare in the mainstream American media.
It seems that Democrats think you have to cut Castro some slack. Consider Mr. Obama’s recent efforts to normalize the Castro killing machine after ten predecessors condemned it. The shift actually makes ideological sense. After all, when the Castros aren’t killing and suppressing dissent, they are presiding over the Cuban equivalent of Obamacare.
What's more important? Should we support basic human dignity and freedom from political executions, or should we admire dictators who also crammed socialized medicine down the throats of the people? Democrats's actions where Castro is concerned speak quite loud.