Exploring the feigning of outrage

© 2016 Jim Spence - Feigning outrage is not a marketable skill……..unless you are a Democrat politician seeking more power. 
Witness the selection of former Goldman Sachs partner Steve Mnuchin as incoming Treasury Secretary along with the absurd response of leading Democrats. The very same people who supported Hillary Clinton, the conspicuous candidate who delivered ½ hour speeches to Goldman Sachs in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars, are now feigning outrage over Mnuchin's nomination. All this feigning went down while the House Democrats re-elected 77 year old Nancy Pelosi to lead them yesterday.
Anyone without severe ocular degeneration can see that the Democrats have very serious problems on the national level. The list of re-treads running the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives (Pelosi, Stenny Hoyer, and James Clyburn) looks more like a list of House members who are most likely to require assisted living than a list of people capable of proposing solutions to solve the problems they have given us.
There are samples of feigned outrage by Democrats everywhere, not just on display after the nomination of Mnuchin. Over Thanksgiving weekend there were 68 shootings in Chicago that left eight dead. The murder total for the city that is run by Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, will pass 700 in 2016. The response? There is not a peep of outrage from Democrats, despite the fact that the vast majority of those murdered in Chicago are black. The story is the same in Democrat run Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, St. Louis, etc. 
No, the Democrat's feigned outrage must be reserved. It is withheld for the higher purpose of race baiting. Democrats are more than willing to hold back until a black criminal is killed while putting a cop’s life in jeopardy. This is when Democrats pretend to become upset and they will spring into action sponsoring Black Lives Matter protests. Democrats will also use these situations to try to convince otherwise reasonable people that the only thing cops really care about is killing blacks. Astonishingly, Democrats still think doing this and slapping the racist label on opponents is a smart political strategy after getting whipped by Donald J. Trump.
Still, the consequences of Democrat's feigned outrages are grave. Police officers are being gunned down all over America in 2016. This comes thanks to the Democrats indifference towards the safety of law enforcement officials and other first responders.
What is really going on in America is pretty simple. If you follow the actions of elected officials each day it doesn’t take long to understand their values and priorities. Both the incoming and outgoing presidents leave evidence trails of what they care most about. Mr. Obama, who sent nobody....not a soul to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, is sending a couple of dignitaries to Fidel Castro’s funeral. Mr. Obama is also working feverishly behind the scenes this week to convince crony capitalists at General Electric and other monster-sized corporate dinosaurs to invest in Cuba. He is desperate to help Raul Castro hold on to his dictatorial power and Cuba to remain Marxist. On the other hand, Donald Trump has been working successfully with both Ford and now Carrier to save thousands of American jobs, jobs that seemed bound for Mexico just a few weeks ago.
Fortunately, despite all of the misguided feigned outrage by Democrats, there is an incredible sense of new hope in America. Consumer confidence is skyrocketing. America is about to take a bath and be able to wash away a significant portion of the horrible stink that has invaded our entire existence over the last eight years.
We are just 50 days from a sorely needed injection of common sense into our system while feigned outrage gets relegated to the back burners in America. Big government zombies won't disappear. Feigning outrage will be resurgent again someday when public education, the entertainment industry, and news outlets like ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, NPR, the New York Times, Washington Post etc. figure out how to successfully poison America's thought processes again.