The lamest of all lame ducks

© 2016 Jim Spence - Over the years in these columns I have opined frequently on the incredible Democrat bias of the news media and entertainment industry. Not much has changed. There is a very overt attempt to indoctrinate the masses to vote Democrat and accordingly, hate Donald Trump. Businesses are treated as slimy pariahs who are not to be trusted……except for news media businesses and entertainment businesses, which of course are supposed to get a pass from the public, despite the fact they engage in for profit enterprise each day. The exception is Fox which is evil because it is not overwhelmingly biased towards Democrats.
You have seen this incredible bias play out in every nook and cranny of society. It has been especially prevalent in the comedy routines of late night talk show hosts where the person with the title, President of the United States, has been fair game for as long as there has been television. This tradition stopped abruptly in 2009 when Mr. Obama somehow became the first untouchable to ever occupy the White House. When Jay Leno resumed the tradition of cracking jokes about the president, his ratings soared. However, Leno mysteriously got crosswise with NBC executives despite his soaring ratings. It is no secret that NBC is run by people who have been acting as Democratic Party surrogates for decades.
While Donald Trump looks to be the most unconventional man to ever take the oath of office, one entertainment industry tradition seems sure to return now. The comedians, who have handled Mr. Obama more carefully than a newborn baby, are back on the attack now that Trump is the President-elect. It is still refreshing despite the fact it is quite one-sided. The unwritten "HANDS OFF of Mr. Obama" rule is racism, pure and simple, by cultural elites.
The political optics this week could not have been starker. Video of Mr. Obama mocking Trump’s claims that he would save jobs like those at the Carrier air conditioner plant in Indiana resurfaced. These videos were played on Fox News only. However they were widely viewed because Fox has taken the bulk of the news market share for this very reason. The video of Obama saying the Carrier jobs were lost, was played again and again......while Trump……um…….saved those jobs in Indiana. Trump saved those jobs simply by picking up the phone and calling the CEO.
The White House response to having egg on its face, and the response of the non-Fox media, helped everyone in America recognize what has been going on. While the media elites have been trying to protect Mr. Obama, it is clear that he is now the lamest of all the lame ducks. Instead of applauding the short circuiting of untold economic misery in the Indiana town, Obama’s surrogates at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, made it clear they couldn’t care less about another 1,000 American who WANT TO WORK, but were going to lose their jobs. Nope. Nobody in the White House, or in their cheer leading section, cared that the job losses would trigger untold millions in taxpayer assistance to the unemployed while these pour souls tried to sort out their lives. The White House and their media stooges also didn’t care about the millions Carrier will now invest to upgrade the plant.
America got a good look at the essence of the Obama economic legacy this week with the Carrier story and then the jobs report, which came out late in the week. The bogus calculation of the unemployment rate was the headline. Only Fox pointed out how absurd it is to ignore the fact that more than 95 million Americans of working age don’t work. We have NEVER had a number like this in our country before. The American adult population that does not work is at an all-time record high.
The reasons why so many Americans don’t work are pretty simple. Public education does not prepare young Americans to be productive and big government feels it is on a mission to get citizens addicted to freebies. Young American adults maintain unsustainable lifestyles with student loans. Instead of working as apprentices, these types of jobs are nearly impossible to find, thanks to the heavy burdens placed on employers by Obama's regulators. Businesses that might otherwise hire the next generation into entry level jobs, don't do so. This predicament is the essence of Obama's Marxist approach until the economy collapses, as it did in the Soviet Union and in other places like Venezuela. This was going to be the end result of the Obama vision......trickle down poverty. Trump's actions on the Carrier situation may be a hint of the changes on the way.
In the meantime, the Wizard of Id cartoon parody above says it all.