Forget Russian hacks, Wayne County hacks should be in the headlines

© 2016 Jim Spence - The recounts pressed by the Green Party as a fundraising scheme were stupid. Or were they? Unless you were paying close attention, you probably missed the incredible revelation that came out of the Michigan recount. Wayne County, Michigan is basically Detroit. It is the place we should all be reading about instead of Russia. But of course the national attention span is quite short, so the GOP is missing a great opportunity to provide even more proof that elections are and have been corrupt in metro areas all over the country.
Today we are reading about the Electoral College as it casts its votes. And the Democrats are sticking to the irrelevant and also dubious claim that Hillary Clinton won the “popular” vote. The national news media should be calling on Wayne County to do some serious explaining regarding the vote count there. Why?
It turns out that 37% of all precincts in Wayne County, a county that voted more than 4-1 for Hillary, had their ballots tossed on the recount. The ballots were tossed because they did not reconcile with the number of voters who signed in and voted at those precincts. In fact many precincts in Wayne County recorded many more votes cast than there were registered voters on the rolls. This is fraud.
How could this happen you ask? Virtually every large city in America has become a crime infested place, and not coincidentally, a place run by Democrats. If Democrats are running the city you can make book it is a crime cesspool. Voter fraud has been taking place in these types of areas for decades. If you have any doubts, read the book Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy by John Fund. If you you don't have time to read the book watch this video shot by James O'Keefe. In it you will see just how brazen the vote cheaters are.
Here is the deal. Voter fraud is just not something that scares people in the inner cities. When inner city inhabitants see hardened criminals pass through the revolving doors of the local criminal justice systems dozens of times without consequences, they begin to put a crime like voter fraud into perspective. If someone robs at knife point and they are back on the street quickly, do you think Democratic precinct captains are at great risk because they are fudging a few thousand ballots for the Democrats? Who is going to report them? And who is going to jail them in a place where 95% of the people are in favor of the candidate they are cheating for? The only time it gets sticky is on a RECOUNT, like the one the Green Party demanded in Michigan. Then you discover the evidence of widespread fraud.
When you look at the American electoral maps, a clear pattern emerged many decades ago. Big cities in almost every state vote Democrat in overwhelming numbers. And Democrats in every state fight photo voter I.D. laws like they fight nothing else. Despite the fact that Americans produce photo I.D.’s to cash checks, use credit cards, rent equipment, fly in airplanes, etc. Democrats pretend that asking someone for an I.D. before a vote is racist. Of course Democrats pretend that pretty much everything is racist.
One question remains. Why isn’t the GOP pushing for a criminal investigation into the actions at the precincts in Democrat controlled and terminally corrupt Wayne County? The answer is simple. The GOP has better things to do because the GOP finally won this year anyway. And of course Democrat judges in inner cities like Detroit benefit in many ways from voter fraud. Why would these Democrats take action against themselves when corruption is a way of life?
When you think about it, Wayne County is all the more sad for Hillary Clinton. It would seem that despite the tradition of widespread cheating conducted by Democrats in inner city precincts all over the country, there were simply not enough Democrats in those places who liked Hillary enough to really cheat hard for her. Now that's a weak candidate. For Obama they cheated their brains out.