Observing great coaches and winning teams

© 2016 Jim Spence - America has been building up to this cataclysmic political moment for years. Lately Democrats have sunk to offering weird explanations of the moment from their political intensive care units. Democrats have lost so many state houses and governorships, in addition to the U.S. Congress, White House, and Supreme Court. They are going to be out in the cold for the time being.
Millions of Americans have finally begun to realize that Democrat Party politicians have been doing their best to divide the country along racial, ethnic, religious, gender, income, and even sexual preference lines for many decades. While this strategy has worked politically many times, it is truly a losing mindset for America. Still, from a marketing standpoint, one must give credit to the American Democrat Party for re-inventing itself. The Democrat Party overwhelmingly favored slavery when the Civil War began. And as much as a hundred years later, not much had changed in the Democrat Party. A smaller percentage of Democrats supported the landmark Civil Rights legislation in the 1960’s than Republicans. Not surprisingly, few Americans know this fact, because Democrats have controlled public education for decades. Democrats don’t teach history according to the facts. History is taught for political purposes. Simply ask a dozen Americans if they know which party opposed slavery during the Civil War. The majority will say Republicans favored slavery. Ask a dozen Americans which party supported civil rights legislation in greater percentages in the 1960’s and hear their answers. Most are equally oblivious.
Democrats have been concentrating on building racial paranoia within the black and Hispanic communities for my entire lifetime. If you wonder if this assertion is true I would simply invite you to read Michelle Obama’s thesis when she was at Princeton. It is one of the most paranoid anti-white rants ever published. The fact that racial paranoia is now a mainstream viewpoint in the Democrat Party is evidenced by the fact that Mrs. Obama remains a seemingly respectable public figure.
Democrat rhetoric has been a declaration of war on non-socialist whites in America for decades. Anti white man indoctrination campaigns go on every day in Democrat-run classrooms around the nation. Brainwashing exercises are designed to either convert young whites to socialism or brand them as white supremacists. This propaganda is standard academic fare at universities all over America too. In my own private conversations with Democrats, I have been called an “oppressor” several times simply because I am a white man. The hazing goes on and on. It is very hurtful.
The Trump cabinet will contain accomplished men who happen to be white. The mere skin color and gender of Trump’s nominees is cause enough for damnation by Democrats in the news media. Still it was encouraging to hear what legendary running back Jim Brown said to an astonished Democrat reporter last week after exiting from his meeting with Donald Trump. The reporter asked Brown to respond to the fact that a bunch of “white men” will serve in the Trump cabinet. Brown told her that the three most important men in his long life were all white. He said he does not see people based on their skin color. “I am not a victim,” he added. The reporter’s expression turned from hope that he would take the bait, to astonishment that he didn’t.
The simple explanation of what America has chosen to respond to these days can be had by observing basketball, football, baseball, hockey, or soccer games. All winning coaches teach a "team" approach. On winning teams, various players assume various roles that help their teams function at the highest level possible. There are players of all different skin colors on all championship teams. Black coaches win championships with white players. White coaches win championships with black players. Winning players work together towards common goals.
It goes deeper. Every team encounters referees who occasionally make bad calls because sport official’s efforts at enforcement of rules are never perfect. However, it is clear that the teams that win championships are NEVER the teams that are encouraged to be suspicious of their teammates based on race, income, or ethnicity. Suspicion and paranoia are negatives that winners avoid at all times. Champions know they must concentrate on the difficult tasks at hand. Competition is embraced and competitors on other teams are respected instead of being dismissed as morally inferior.
Contrast what winning teams do with the way historical legacies are handled in various political arenas. Seventy-one years after World War II the French and German people are trying valiantly to hold their economic union together. No French political leader in the 21st Century holds Germans born sixty, seventy, or even eighty years ago responsible for Nazi atrocities. Contrast this mindset with the standard approach to the atrocity of slavery that ended one hundred fifty-three years ago in America. Just the other day Mr. Obama found it useful to raise the divisive specter of slavery. We have not overcome it yet, Obama lectured. He was basically admitting his own losing frame of mind by even mentioning this ancient history. Curiously, Obama simply can’t quite let that terrible chapter in American history go……so long as there is still a single drop of white guilt to be wrought by bringing it up. He still thinks it is smart to talk about American failures that occurred 153 years ago.
Mr. Obama is our coach for another thirty-one days. However, Mr. Obama and other Democrats do not behave like championship coaches. Not teaching the team approach explains why Democrats were not rehired. Instead of appealing to America’s best instincts so our nation works as a team, Democrats are continuously trying to lay guilt trips on people who had nothing to do with either slavery or those dreadful Jim Crow laws.
The point here is simple. Dividing is easy. Uniting is difficult. Losing is easy. Winning is difficult. Pissing and moaning about bad officiating that cost Americans dearly one hundred fifty-three years ago is easy. What is easy is almost never a winning strategy.
Mr. Obama and his Democrat insistence on emphasizing the negatives represent a stark contrast to the viewpoint of Mr. Trump. Trump talks endlessly about hard work. In fact, Trump constantly talks of the basic importance of work itself. Work is one of the words he uses most often. It is no surprise that Mr. Trump out-worked Hillary Clinton. And even in the wake of his victory, Mr. Trump still talks about America winning during every stump speech. Trump looks at America as a team. He does not care what color the skins are of the players on our team. Trump instinctively knows that a winning team cannot be divided.
Know this. Democrats are going to continue to fight the uniting of America at every turn. Sadly it is for this very reason that Mr. Obama failed to help raise the living standards of all the players on the American team. Obama felt and still feels that it is necessary to divide the American team for Democrats to hold power. Hillary Clinton was under this mistaken impression too.
America responded to Trump in spite all of his grotesque character flaws because America wants to win. Democrats just don’t seem to get that. They seem to prefer to dwell on past injustices and whine incessantly instead of uniting the country. This was not a winning message in 2016 and it never will help America compete, even if it wins elections from time to time in the future.