“I have here in my hand a list"

© 2016 Jim Spence - Yesterday's column traced some of the lies foisted on the American people by the outgoing president. The comparison to the child who is allowed to get away with lies from early in life is completely valid. The result with a child who is enabled in this way is that he or she becomes a compulsive liar who will say anything to produce the desired outcomes. The child in question is Barack Obama. Those who should be holding him accountable instead of enabling him is, unfortunately, our so-called free press. Free press apparently means journalist's political biases are "free" to dominate how "news" is presented for consumption by the masses.

Here is a real news flash. The American public now fully understands the dangers to a free society of having a news industry that has become the ministry of propaganda for one political party (Democrats). This understanding helps explain why the press sanctioned polls are so wrong. The public is shunning these con artists and their pollsters and lying right back to them.

One of the most disgusting charades of the Obama presidency is unfolding right before our eyes with a full assist from the ministers of propaganda. Just a few days ago the Obama Administration released a "report" that it claimed "proved" the Russians were behind the hacking they say affected the election by hurting Hillary's billion dollar campaign. The report released did no such thing. Mr. Obama, his lieutenants, and any reasonably intelligent news person knows this report was a joke.....a bad joke.

The White House goons made the decision to try to tell people what this so-called report meant. They must have been hoping that nobody would read the report. Many people did read the report looking for the "proof." Don't take my word for it. You can read the report itself right HERE.

Image result for joseph mccarthyThe report does not even attempt to prove anything. It is merely a simplistic outline of how phishing attacks take place. John Podesta should have read it. Apparently he is too stupid to know he shouldn't be opening every email that hits his mailbox. Still, there are no specifics in this report whatsoever. The report does not even give the IP addresses or the Mac numbers of the hackers. It provides no details regarding the origins of the attack. It does not reveal how the hackers gained entry, how they appropriated the data, or even how much data they took. There was no disclosure of trace routing information whatsoever. And since all of these essential details are either missing or unknown, the report does not reveal how this data was then passed on to the Russian government.

Based on what the White House said the report was.........this report is basically a sham. Trace routing information is what would be necessary to justify the White House claims of a Russian connection.

Back to the real world. Mr. Obama regards himself as the great diplomat. He believes that everything can be worked out via diplomacy. Obama cited this bogus report release as justification for forcing 35 Russian diplomats to leave the U.S. and other sanctions on Russia. This is shameless grandstanding at its worst. Obama had eight years to recognize the danger of Russian hacks.

There is a good reason for the mainstream media to now be referred to as the "propaganda ministry." Apparently reporters and producers working at every news media outlet except Fox did not bother to read this report. Journalists choose to be willfully ignorant or bald-faced liars regularly. Parroting the Obama claims of what the report means is the latest disgrace.

Mr. Obama has adopted the tactics of one of the most despicable people in American history. He is now rivaling Joseph McCarthy. Mr. Obama has accomplices at every major news outlet except Fox. Edward R. Murrow is spinning in his grave.