Some New Mexico commentary

© 2016 Jim Spence - People who have visited this site for many years know that Michael and I go back a long time. While we have not always agreed on every issue we have agreed the vast majority of the time. Applying common sense and real world experience is not rocket science.
For several years Michael and I hosted a statewide radio show (News New Mexico). We had many interesting guests including Governor Martinez on several occasions as well as our U.S. Senators and House Members. Two of our most remarkable guests were Lou Dobbs and Reince Priebus. Lou Dobbs hosts his own business show on the Fox Business Channel and Reince Priebus is of course, now Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff. Priebus was on our show twice.
Our radio show was successful. However as time passed, keeping it successful required more work than we were willing to do. Major back reconstruction surgery brought my life to a stop a few years ago and Michael’s duties as caregiver for his aging uncle also took their toll on his quality of life and energies.
The topics covered in many of my columns in recent years have focused on national politics. I have written so often about America instead of New Mexico because public policies at the federal level have never been more poorly conceived as they have been the last eight years. Simply put, it is my opinion that not only is Barack Obama the most corrupt president since Richard Nixon, he is by far the most incompetent president in U.S. history.
Two things emerge as we move deeper into 2017. First, Donald Trump is a remarkable phenomenon who is difficult to analyze. Second, it is clear that the Democrats continue to underestimate Trump. As Democrats flail haplessly with the same absurdly ridiculous narratives that have seen their fortunes destroyed over the last six years, most working people have come to understand how ineffective their ideas are.
While all of the incompetence and corruption at the federal level was overwhelming America over the last eight years, we New Mexicans have had our own lives to live. Let’s explore a few random observations on our state, our county, and my city, Las Cruces.
The state has been well led by our Governor Susanna Martinez. The problem continues to be well meaning but completely incompetent Democrats in the state House and Senate. Las Cruces has sent more than its fair share of clueless people to Santa Fe. The best examples of people sent to Santa Fe from Las Cruces who have no idea what it is like to hold down real jobs for extended periods of time are: Bill McCamley and Jeff Steinborn. These naive young men have barely enough real world experience to make decisions for themselves.....let alone the rest of us. Still, Steinborn and McCamley caucus with equally uninformed people from Dona Ana County and other parts of the state. Their goal has been to thwart Governor Martinez and her efforts to pull New Mexico out of sixty years of economic underperformance……..a legacy that coincides with utter Democratic Party domination of our legislatures during my lifetime.
Minus the exciting economic activities at Santa Teresa in the southern portion of Dona Ana County, our county economy has stagnated under a Democrat-dominated County Commission. The city of Las Cruces has also taken many steps backwards in recent years. This has happened as progressive Democrats have dominated both the City Council and Mayor’s office. Job opportunities in Las Cruces and Dona Ana County are scarce. Economic performance in this area now appears to be permanently stagnant with no real rebound in sight.
It does not have to be this way. The problem may well be with what is not stagnant. What is not stagnant is the political energies of people bent on making sure Las Cruces sinks deeper and deeper into economic under-performance. That would be Democratic Party activists.
In summary, Mr. Obama and the Democrats New Mexico sends to Washington drove deductibles on working people’s health insurance in our area from $500 a year to $6,500 a year. They also buried our doctors, nurses, and other health care providers with mountains of paperwork. They did this to satisfy the whims of worthless bureaucrats in Washington,
On the state and local level, Democrats like Bill McCamley, Jeff Steinborn, and the majority on the Dona Ana County Commission and Las Cruces City Commission have shackled job creation and opportunities for working people in our area with dumb anti-opportunity burdens disguised as "save the planet" sales pitches.
It is a shame that the majority of this area’s voters are so clueless about how important economic opportunity is to the quality of life of people willing to work. This area has never been governed more poorly than it is right now. Independents and the GOP have so much work to do.