Confirmation "smearings" are underway

© 2016 Jim Spence - In the course of my adult life I have been registered as a Republican and a Democrat. Years ago I changed my voter registration to “decline to state.” Being a partisan requires too much suspension of common sense.

Speaking of suspending common sense, perhaps the saddest aspect of what is going on in America today is that tens of millions of people find it so easy to stand aside and watch character assassinations take place, while they continue to remain loyal to the Democrat Party. America will only deserve better government when this sort of thing is not anyone.

Democrats have made a collective 2017 political decision that became painfully obvious this week. Make no mistake, Democrats actually WANT racial tensions. This is why race relations have deteriorated. Democrats have believed for years that prodding for racial tensions helps them hold on to minority votes. So they gin up racial suspicion like bartenders stirring martinis. The media and the party faithful, who are one and the same, slurp it up.

As new cabinet appointees are brought in front of the Senate for confirmation hearings in 2017, it is now clear these proceedings are going to morph into confirmation SMEARINGS. What Americans are beginning to witness is abhorrent, simply because Democrats are settling into a vicious new way of life in the post-Obama era. Engaging in the character assassination of as many white nominees as possible, will be their plan. This is a slimy choice. And it has been made by reprehensible people like Chuck Schumer.

It should be embarrassing to every single person in America who identifies as a Democrat to watch this play out. But it won’t be. Unfortunately, within the Democrat Party, the idea of shame died quite awhile back. And with the help of public education, the film industry (i.e. Meryl Streep etc.) and their accessories to crime in the news media, these shams will continue.

Consider Senator Jeff Sessions. Sessions is a man who prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama early in his legal career. Sessions successfully argued for the death penalty for one Klan member who he convicted of murder. Yesterday Jeff Sessions was falsely accused of being a bigot by a slew of Democrats. They did this simply because he will be Attorney General of the U.S.  Democrats have the opportunity to smear him so they are going to do it. Today New Jersey Senator Corey Booker will take the stand and push the Sessions smear campaign one step further. Booker wants to be the next "Obama." Of course there are black pastors in Washington this week, men from Alabama who know Sessions well, who will defend him. They know that the Democrat's smearing of Sessions is a cheap shot so they are trying to help out. But these pastors, like the rest of us, will also realize that the truth simply does not matter in this exercise. Unprincipled DEMOCRATS are like the despicable football player who takes shots at his opponent's knees after the game has been decided. They are dirty players. Though they are trash, it is hard to administer justice to them because they are supported and defended by trash.

Sadly both of the reprobates that New Mexico voters have sent to the U.S. Senate are going to engage in spreading the big lies right along with their colleagues. Yes, Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich will be part of the effort to smear the reputations of decent human beings to further the um........Udall and Heinrich “causes.” Apparently these causes center around trying to convince us that anyone who is not a Democrat is a racist.

The lies being told by Democrats continue to receive broad support everywhere in the news media except for Fox News. This explains why Fox News is now the most viewed network in cable. Fox has eclipsed ESPN viewership because millions of Americans are sick of the liars and their enablers. Americans are starving for anything that resembles objectivity in news reporting.

So on we go in 2017. Democrats still can’t explain the reasons why there are so many unsolved problems under their rule. One of the best examples of this situation is the thousands of innocent black people who are being butchered or maimed in Chicago every year. It is clear that all of the murders in the black communities, in all inner cities, are problems that Democrat's plans won't solve. This is true despite the fact that Democrats govern virtually all large cities in America. What we get from Democrats instead reforms and creative solutions that actually work, is a shameful display where good people like Jeff Sessions must endure intentional “smearing.”

This despicable display is sure to continue. It is actually the legacy of Barack Obama. That Democrats are behaving so shamefully in his final full week in office speaks volumes about who he is. Eight years ago the GOP confirmed many Obama appointees quickly and without smears. Don't expect basic decency this time just isn't within those who should be decent.