Finally, some social justice

© 2016 Jim Spence - A couple of days after the election I wrote a column about the outcome. In it I asserted the claim that Trump made what should have been an easy win look difficult. There is an exhaustive study of the 2016 election results published on National Review this week that you can read here. The data confirms the assertions I made in November. Hillary was a terrible candidate and Trump actually under-performed thanks to his own inherent weaknesses.

Let's set aside the fact that Americans wanted CHANGE. It is now clear that Trump represents multiple revolutions within American society. Accordingly, the post-election media coverage of Trump has not been negative, it has been hysterical. The hysterics continue daily and it is obvious that prominent Democrats are continuing to collaborate behind the scenes with virtually every major news outlet except Fox. Their collaborative goal is to shape a well-coordinated assault on Trump. It is happening every day, hour by hour.

The media’s approach to “reporting” on Donald Trump has been absurd for 20 months. One had to wonder why he garnered so much attention from the moment he announced his candidacy. After years of watching the news media operate, one begins to understand that we Americans are exposed to political propaganda every day.....non-stop. We are being manipulated. It was pretty obvious that the incumbent Democrats and their nominee Hillary Clinton wanted to run against Trump all along. And with the help of the media they control, Democrats got what they wished for. Now Democrats are clearly wishing they hadn’t wished for a chance to run against Trump.

In a sense Trump is a creation of the media. However, because Trump understands the media and the American public, he uses the Democrat-controlled media's own tactics against them. Trump’s press conference on Wednesday provides a case study in how different Trump is when compared to the typical Republican. Trump’s push back at the press conference was startling. And the enormous shove he gave was directed at CNN. CNN reporter Jim Acosta was bitch slapped by Trump. Ironically, it was CNN that provided perhaps the most free publicity to candidate Trump in helping defeat his GOP rivals.

A closer look at how we have been manipulated......lately.......seems in order.

In the immediate aftermath of the election, the Democrats trotted out a series of lame excuses for their losses. None of the excuses involved even a hint of introspection. And not one of the excuses stuck despite all of the blow horns in the Democrat camp working at major media outlets. Still the coordination, with the media doing the dirty work for Democrats, continues to be relentless. Let's look at the last two months.

First, Democrats blamed racists for their losses, with the media producing dubious snippets to support the bogus claim. Next, Democrats blamed sexists, with the media employing the same tactics. Then it was on to a claim that anti-immigrants and Islamophobes tipped the results for Trump. The Democrats even tried to blame anti-Semitic sentiments for a day or so, until they discovered Trump's daughter Ivanka and her children are Jewish, and Trump approves of their Jewishness. Next the Electoral College became to boogieman. The Democrat media fired off blame charges at every group except their candidate and her hapless campaign, but nothing worked. Absurdly, the Democrats even organized the Green Party vote recounts, only to see those vote recounts begin to reveal disturbing patterns of voter fraud in inner cities like Detroit. Of course these voter fraud stories were buried by the media.

Eventually, a few weeks ago there seems to have been a collective decision by Democrats to blame the Russians and computer hackers for their losses. The Democrats and the Democrat-controlled media is sticking with this outrageous narrative. The Russians “hacked” our election, is now the catch phrase that is repeated hundreds of times each day. And in what is perhaps the most asinine display of distortion and outright lies in American history, Democrats have decided to designate Vladimir Putin as the boogieman who destroyed Hillary and made Donald Trump his puppet.

Democrats have been accomplished liars for many decades. Of course Republicans lie too....and yes, they lie often. But the GOP is simply not as well-armed nor as skillful when it comes to coordinated lying. Democrats seem to have a sixth sense about effective lying and of course they do have the support of their propaganda ministry. Democrats know that an effective lie that is distributed by the media must contain at least a grain or two of truth to seem plausible. And the Russian narrative Democrats are sticking with does contain some truth. The Russians are well-known for hacking and.....Hillary sure as hell did lose the election. Other than that, this latest charade is an exercise in deceit that is so absurd it leaves reasonable people shaking their heads.

To execute this Russian lie, Democrats have had to morph. Suddenly the intelligence community, a community Democrats have never hesitated to trash (can you say fake intelligence on WMD’s that tricked all the Democrats on Iraq), has suddenly become a pillar of truth to be defended by the Dems against scurrilous assaults by anti-intelligence agency Republicans.

Here is the truth. Democrats are not defending the CIA. What they are actually defending are unattributed leaks that are being choreographed by........Democrats. What you see playing out are Joseph McCarthy-like tactics. This stuff is circa 1950's.

There is nothing dirtier than politics. And there is nothing filthier than complicit propaganda ministries in dictatorships that are disguised as news media outlets. That the American news media supports the pack of lies related to the Russian hacking helps explain Donald Trump’s confrontation with CNN at the press conference this week. It was another remarkably aggressive repudiation of a stealth propaganda ministry in America. Unlike all of his GOP predecessors, Trump does not fear the media. He wades into gatherings of propaganda ministers with his rhetorical weapons drawn. Make no mistake, propaganda ministers are taken aback. They are not used to being confronted about their corruption. It is actually a riot to watch these Trump and news media gatherings play out. Trump is cuffing these clowns around.

The truth about what actually happened to the Democrats via "hacking" is comically simple. They got snagged by the crudest form of cyber chicanery. John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager, is a hapless fool. He is so stupid he clicked on a phishing email in 2016. Anyone with an email account for the last twenty years has received dozens of phishing emails. The dangers associated with clicking on suspicious emails has been known since shortly after the PC age began. Only an idiot like Podesta would click on a phishing email in this day and age. What happened to Podesta was predictable. His emails were made public, including those where he was collaborating with John Harwood, a propaganda minister at NBC News. Emails of other Democrats collaborating with the CNN were also made public. This is the so-called "Russian hack" Democrats are peddling for public consumption these days. Wikileak's chief leaker Julian Assange, a former Democrat darling, is now a pariah because he has said his source for the Podesta emails was NOT Russia.

Amazingly, Democrats seem to think these emails were even more damaging than they actually were. The email revelations should have been devastating, but they weren't, simply because the propaganda ministers at various news outlets, outlets caught in clandestine collaborations with Democrats, were not very inclined to report on their own stinking corruption. Of course Fox New reported on how the propaganda ministers at NBC and CNN were cheating. And predictably, all of the propaganda ministers dismissed those fact-based reports because......they were Fox News reports.

Another great irony of this stinking episode is the phishing operation revealed how the Clintons were cheating the holy hell out of Bernie Sanders. That all of this has now been blamed on the "Russians" is an example of just how powerful the propaganda ministry has become, even in covering its own criminal tracks.

Still, Democrats find themselves in an amazing position. They quietly collaborate with the media. They use the media to cheat. And in the aftermath of a historical six year period where Democrats have taken their worst political beatings since their pro-slavery positions were repudiated by America one hundred-forty years ago, they now find themselves blaming the Russians for consequences they brought on themselves.

Finally we have a little "social justice."