It is show me time

© 2016 Jim Spence - It’s worse now. Yes, we have always had a partisan and biased media during my lifetime, but in 2017 the hatred for the Trumps and their cabinet nominees is off the charts. It only takes a glance to see the stark difference in the way the Obamas have been treated versus the incoming first family. The contrast is truly like night and day. Anyone who thinks any dress designer could have gotten away with telling Michelle Obama he or she was not going to provide dress design services for her would have been nailed to a cross and burned by sundown. Apparently the mandatory providing of services argument only applies to cake bakers and gay weddings, not new first ladies. Yes we have always had dissent, but it has always come from shameless slugs like Elizabeth Warren, not news anchors and fashion designers.

It has been amazing to watch the Democrats rake Trump’s new education secretary nominee Betsy De Vos over the coals this week. Obviously Democrats will fight against the idea of offering parents “choice” on schools to the death. It seems that the only choice that Democrats will fight for is the choice to terminate a life. Having a choice on how to educate a life seems completely unreasonable to them.

I have spoken several times in this space about a law on the books in Democrat-run Illinois. This law, 40 ILCS 5/1-109(4) in the Illinois pension code, bars my firm from managing public funds for the state because I am white, male, and not handicapped. I have been asked many times why I don’t fight the law in court, since it is clear that the law is unconstitutional. Let’s call it the Jim Crow Spence law for fun since it discriminates specifically on race and gender. The reason why I don’t fight the law in court is because I don’t have the time or the desire to make lawyers rich and me poor. It is a good guess that if I wasn't barred from doing business with the state of Illinois by statute, the decision makers there could find another reason.

The essence of what the Democrats have been doing to all business people in America for decades now is to pass laws, or as Obama has done since he can’t get the votes to pass laws, write executive orders that require colossal wastes of resources by businesses. Fighting these laws, rules, and regulations takes time and money, which brings me to the point of this column. There are millions of small business people watching and hoping that Trump will do everything in his power to take the steps necessary to reduce the amount time and money we waste doing a bunch of stupid things that have been mandated by Democrats. I’ll be candid. There are real limits on our hopes.

Unlike the millions of left wing stooges who spend their seemingly worthless time marching and protesting everything they don’t like, small business people have to grind it out every day. It takes time to provide services and comply with all the rules and regulations that only apply to business owners. Accordingly, we are simply not going to have the time to help Trump much. Instead, we just have to hope he will get things done. This is daunting.

Having watched both Democrats and Republicans operate in Congress for decades, I can tell you that guts are in short supply in the GOP too. Knowing that a big key to Trump’s ability to make America more productive again lies with the talents and willingness of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, I’d be lying if I said I was confident that these two men can corral and lead all of the bloated egos. Ryan and McConnell are dealing with hundreds of people, themselves included, who have been plagued with an excessive sense of self-importance for too long.

The bottom line is we business people, who have been under assault by the Democrats for a long time, while getting little help from the GOP, are going to have to simply see what happens starting tomorrow. If it does not go very well, don’t expect us to drop what we are doing and head off to Washington to march. There are just too many important things for us to do each day………things that put bread on the table for both Democrats and Republicans.

It is time to forget all of the little battles and the wars of words between Trump and everyone who hates him, it is show me time for Trump.