The wrong "tone" huh?

© 2016 Jim Spence - My column the day before the inauguration made a simple statement. The time for talk is over and the time for action has come. It is show me time.
When I got home Friday, Kristi asked me if I had watched the inauguration at the office. “No, I had a lot of work to do," I replied. “Besides,” I added, “I have heard enough talk.”
We have seen all of this before folks. George W. Bush delivered a warm inaugural speech speech twice. The tone was very good, according to all of the pundits......even those who hated Bush.
Bush was among other things, going to shrink the size of government, and return more freedom to individual choice. Eight years later the government had ballooned in both size and scope. The old Community Reinvestment Act finally led to a major mortgage meltdown. And on the way out the door, the Bush solution to the financial crisis, to the delight of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, was to try some new government solution to a problem that was created by......... an old government solution.
Mr. Obama campaigned hard against the Bush years. He repeatedly called the national debt run up under Bush, behavior that was get this......"immoral." Obama struck lots of "great tones" over eight years. It would seem that great tones are very expensive.
Once in power, Obama's floating morality standards on debt creation shifted. He ran up more debt than all of his predecessors combined with no apologies or explanations. The Democrat’s propaganda ministers in the main stream media, the same people who railed at the rising debt under Bush, were mum as the national debt skyrocketed under Obama. The press never even mentioned the additional ten trillion dollars he borrowed as Obama headed to Palm Springs to continue a life of privilege that is paid for by others.
Don’t kid yourself. If someone hangs their hat near the Capitol Building, they will find a way to get comfortable with an ever more powerful and intrusive federal government. It is a contagious disease caught by more than 99% of everyone who gets elected and sent to Washington, not just all Democrats. Trump was surrounded by hundreds of these types in both parties as he took the oath of office yesterday.
The transcript of the Trump speech was an interesting read. Trump spared nobody in his short, sharp, inaugural address. The speech was merciful only in that it was brief. There was no compromise in the speech. While some may want to pretend inner cities are not cesspools, most of us know they are. There were no olive branches offered. It would have been hard for Trump to give olive branches to both Democrats and Republicans at the same time. The speech was directed at those waiting for the same sort of soft platitudes that have been heard from that same podium by all of his predecessors. It didn't happen. Nothing has changed with Trump. What you see is what you get.
It was heartening that Trump put both the GOP and the Democrats on notice that the same old crap isn’t going to cut it on his watch. My feeling of being heartened was also confirmed when the wordsmiths on the left, who have loved being lied to by Obama for the last eight years, claimed they heard echoes of Hitler yesterday from Trump. According to Democrats, all socialism haters are kind of like Hitler. Ironically, Hitler was a socialist too. But I digress.
It was exceedingly comical to hear the Nazi charges levied against Trump while his Jewish daughter and her Jewish husband were standing with him on his big day. I think the Jewish grandchildren were being cared for by babysitters. I am not sure if the baby sitters were Jewish or not. They were just caring for Hitler's Jewish grand kids.....the children he adores. It's as if the left thinks the Hitler accusation can go right along with, "I didn't vote for you even if I have friends and family members who did."
I was also glad to read where many "conservative" pundits hated the Trump speech. No doubt they felt some of the searing heat directed towards their own tendencies to always apologize for abject failures if those failures are GOP. It seems that wordsmiths like Bill Kristol wanted a different “tone.”
Sorry Billy, I for one, have heard all of the "right tones" I can stand. Tone is cheap. Tone is irrelevant. Well over 70% of the nation thinks this nation has been going in the wrong direction for quite some time.....with all the right tones being struck at inaugural addresses. Obama did not change the negative trends, he exacerbated them with really pleasant tones.
We are told that Washington is designed to go slowly. We are told that a change of course in Washington is like getting an ocean liner to change course. It takes a lot of time. Sorry folks. Time is up. This is probably our last shot at fixing this country. It looks like we are going to have to fix it with a different and much less pleasant "tone."
Does anyone think Trump didn’t have better things to do with the balance of his life then move at a snail's pace in Washington because of tradition and tone? Think again. He has been sent to Washington by an overwhelmingly large majority of the states in our nation to bitch slap some common sense into both Republicans and Democrats. If the GOP knows what it is good for them they will move fast. But don't bet your life on that.
So what about next week? Trump is president now. Each day we can expect the same old power structures to try to play the same old games. The Democrats will continue to lash out because the U.S. march towards lower living standards and bigger government is pausing. Many of the GOP members of Congress are quietly thinking about reneging on their campaign pledges......because they think being timid might be the safest thing they can do as incumbents. Talking big and doing very little has always worked before. How will the GOP Congress renege? Suddenly what was simple in their campaigns will be characterized as "complicated."
No wonder nobody likes Trump. He is not awestruck to be in Washington.
There’s a funny thing about the fact that nobody likes Trump. People who have been paying the bills in the country realize if we keep sending people to Washington simply because we like them, anarchy is right around the corner.
Give me the wrong tone. I'll take the chance.