Want some pre-natal care? Read here

© 2016 Jim Spence - One of the things one can learn about Democrats pretty early on is they don’t like to admit they act in their own self interests. They "accuse" others of doing so, which is silly, but they deny it when others suggest they do the same. Denial.
Engaging the progressive Democrats on the history of the country can be enlightening. When they are asked if John D. Rockefeller served his own interests or the public’s interest while building his Standard Oil empire, the answer is always the same. Democrats will say he acted in his own selfish interests. No doubt Rockefeller was motivated by his own interests. However, Rockefeller gifted the vast majority of his enormous estate to charities and actually worked tirelessly to make sure his gifting methods were effective. History records that mankind has benefited enormously from the foundation that still bears his name. In serving his customers well, Rockefeller was acting in his own interests. And since society received the vast majority of his wealth, he was acting in the public’s interest by acting in his own interests. This happens repeatedly but it is a tough concept to get through the thick skulls of most anti-business types (Democrats) who insist on holding deeply prejudiced preconceived notions of what selfishness is all about…….. notions that are dead wrong. We all suffer because of  this mental block by most Democrats.
Another thing I have learned is that progressives believe they are morally superior. And they will do and say things to prove it including lying shamelessly. Planned Parenthood is the best example. This organization slurps at the public trough to the tune of around $500 million per year. Many members in the GOP have targeted Planned Parenthood to be denied access to public funds because they provide abortions.
Let me just say that I am not personally willing to march in the Pro Life protests. It is understandable how reasonable people could disagree anytime anyone makes a blanket statement regarding abortion
This being said, Planned Parenthood is run by a pack of remorseless liars. If you listen to Cecile Richards, who runs PP, when she makes her case for taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood, she will make all sorts of false claims about providing pregnancy care for women and their babies. It isn’t all about abortion according to Richards. Planned Parenthood provides pre-natal care and all sorts of services for women who are pregnant, she says. These claims are horrific lies. In a massive investigation of Planned Parenthood facilities representatives of Live Action contacted ninety-seven Planned Parenthood clinics. Ninety two admitted that prenatal care and other services were services they did NOT offer. Read that last sentence again.
The bottom line on Planned Parenthood is that Cecile Richards does not want taxpayers to know that if women call or visit PP and want to keep their babies, Planned Parenthood has no interest in serving those women whatsoever. However, if these same women want to kill their unborn children, Planned Parenthood will help them kill them.
Planned Parenthood knows exactly what it is doing. PP is in the baby killing business. But being in the baby killing business simply won’t sell. To tap into the easy money in Washington courtesy of Democrats, Ms. Richards has to cast herself as the protector of the unborn in need of pre-natal care. She knows she has to pretend she and her supporters are morally superior and that those who might de-fund Planned Parenthood are trying to DENY pre-natal care to women who need it.
Not only does PP NOT provide pre-natal care to the needy, they don’t provide it period.....in 92 of 97 clinics that were called on. That looks like a pattern. In fact, of the five clinics that said they would provide pre-natal assistance, two merely offered a referral to someplace else to provide the pre-natal care. So three of ninety-seven PP clinics sampled offered pre-natal care. The rest? Nope.
This is classic progressive Democrat strategy to an extreme. What Democrats normally do is hide behind some sort of moral posture, while supporting policies that don’t work. This is much different. With Planned Parenthood they lie about providing pre-natal care to disguise the fact that they are in the baby killing and baby body parts business.
Here's an update that is not reported by the propaganda ministries run by Democrats (the mainstream media). Those investigators who were sued for exposing how Planned Parenthood sells dead baby organs for profits, saw those lawsuits dropped by the baby killers. Apparently it was clear the evidence that would come out in court would disgrace them.
Nice. Real nice. Want to fund PP? If you do please don't lecture me about Nazi Germany.