No evidence of voter fraud

© 2016 Jim Spence - We rented a hotel room recently while travelling to Phoenix. When we showed up, the hotel clerk asked for my I.D. I bought some fishing supplies last month. The store clerk asked for my I.D. I flew to Portland for Christmas. The person who checked my bags asked for my I.D. There can be only one explanation for why each of these businesses wanted to make sure of my identity. The people managing the hotel chain, the sporting goods store chain, and the airlines are a bunch of no good stinking racists.
It gets worse. I ate at a restaurant the other day. When I paid with a credit card they asked for my I.D. Damn racists. There is racism everywhere. I rented a car in Baltimore last year. There were racists running the car rental company there too.
OK enough with the sarcasm. It does sound plain stupid to make these racist charges. However this is the absurd argument that Democrats make to fight the passage of voter I.D. laws. While Democrats have the gall to claim requiring an I.D. to vote is racist, there are no monumental battles by Democrats to end all I.D. requirements, which are a part of our everyday lives. Apparently it is only the racism associated with voter I.D.’s that is worthy of a fight. And in their next breath, Democrats will look us right in the eye and insist there is “no evidence” of voter fraud.
Sorry folks, there is evidence of voter fraud everywhere. Two books are recommended reading on the subject: Who's Counting: How fraudsters and bureaucrats put your vote at risk, and Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy.
If you don’t have the time to read these books and delve deeply into all of the ways Democrats cheat on elections, consider watching a series of videos that show how easy it is to commit voter fraud and how comfortable some Democrats are with cheating.
How easy is it to cheat? Watch a one minute and eighteen second video HERE of a man obtaining former Attorney General Eric Holder’s ballot. The investigative reporter asked the election official, “Do you have an Eric Holder?” Not only did the Attorney General’s ballot get offered to the undercover journalist, he was told emphatically by the election worker that his ID was not necessary in order to vote the U.S. Attorney General’s ballot.
While this short clip is amusing, it does not show how widespread fraud can occur. For the evidence of how cheating is widespread, stay on the same website, and watch Democrats getting caught red handed conspiring to commit widespread voter fraud. This cheater is Pat Moran. Moran is the son of Democrat Virginia Congressman James Moran. He worked in his father’s campaign. In the video, Moran provides details on how to circumvent voter ID laws. When the undercover reporter told the Democrat he wanted to fraudulently vote for approximately 100 strangers, Moran suggested the reporter create forged utility bills in the names of the registered voters. Outrageously, Moran assured the reporter that Democratic Party lawyers would defend him if he were caught.
The evidence of voter fraud goes on and on. Reporters were able to obtain absentee ballots on behalf of fictional people in Minnesota. The names used to obtain the ballots were those of famous NFL quarterbacks. Undercover reporters obtained ballots for dead people without having to show ID’s in New Hampshire.
When Democratic Governor John Lynch of New Hampshire was confronted with the evidence of voter fraud in his state, he decided to attack the undercover reporters instead of the criminals. Lynch called for them to be prosecuted and attempted to issue a criminal subpoena. Democrats like Lynch and many, many, others know exactly what they are doing and they better hope there is no concerted effort to reveal the truth. 
Let’s get real here. When you look at Democratic Party margins of victory and turnout statistics in the inner cities, you know where the cheating is going on. In New Mexico it also goes on in the Democrat's rural strongholds. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that candidates who get almost 100% of the votes in precincts with virtually 100% turnout or more, are the places where massive fraud is taking place.
The plain truth is simple. Democrats have a vested interest in keeping our electoral system free of voter I.D. requirements so that they can continue to benefit from massive voter fraud. The holes in the integrity of our election system are large enough to drive bulldozers through and Democrats are driving bulldozers through them. Amazingly they are losing in most places anyway.

Anybody can claim there is no evidence. Trial lawyers convinced twelve Democrats on the O.J. Simpson jury to acquit him. They convinced the jurors that there was not enough "evidence." Unfortunately O.J. is still a killer and Democrats are still keeping it easy to commit voter fraud.