It was just a "mistake"

© 2016 Jim Spence - You have to give credit to a brave man like Bernard Goldberg. The former seven-time Emmy winning CBS News correspondent saw it, he finally rejected it when he was not able to take it any longer, and then he wrote a book about it. It was sixteen years ago that Goldberg’s expose on the mainstream media was published. The book I am referring to is, Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distorts the News.
In this groundbreaking piece, Goldberg doesn’t just explain how the media intentionally damages Republicans and props up Democrats, he tells us who does it.
Goldberg’s background is extraordinary. As late as 1996, Goldberg had never voted for a Republican for president in his entire life. Still it is his book that has become famous for providing deep and embarrassing details on the arrogance, the coloring of stories, the elitism, the hypocrisy, the cowardice, and the astonishing double standards that are employed by the broadcast networks.
Goldberg was somewhat charitable in his description of journalists at the networks. He said reporters, anchors, and producers don’t actually engage in, planning strategies on how they are going to slant the news in favor of Democrats. Instead, he suggested that the slanting is something that comes naturally because of, "how they see the world." Goldberg says the networks simply don't feel that big government socialist viewpoints are partisan. Instead they see them as “reasonable views,” that are shared by all the reasonable people all of the media elites mingle with every day. It is a monolithic culture.
Republicans have complained about media bias for decades and gradually with the development of the internet and the emergence of Fox News there has been an effective counter attack. Still, people like George H.W. Bush in 1992, Bob Dole in 1996, John McCain in 2008, and Mitt Romney in 2012 just sort of took what was being dished out by the media like a beating that was due from a neighborhood bully. Nothing can be done. Just try to stay on their good side was the response.
Um.......In case you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump is not taking his scheduled beatings like all the others. Instead, Trump has called the very same biased media that Goldberg exposed in his book, “the opposition party,” which is of course exactly what it is.
Is this just Trump exaggerating again? Consider what happened the day of the Trump inauguration. A Time magazine reporter, Zeke Miller, a man who is right out of the same mold that mixes arrogance, elitism, hypocrisy, and cowardice in the mainstream media, falsely reported that the famous bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been promptly removed from the Oval Office as soon as Trump took the oath of office.
Here is the mindset. Trump is a racist who hates Dr. King. This has been the unmistakable inference made daily by the mainstream media. No wonder the media outlets immediately trumpeted the Miller story to support their narrative. The story was quickly out there for all Americans to read.
It was not long before Time realized that the story was completely bogus. It was a “mistake,” Time said as the magazine issued an “apology” to the White House. You see, explained Miller, “The bust was obscured by an agent and a door.”
Oh really? It was obscured. It was just an innocent mistake huh?
Time also had this to add to the sordid fake news report, “No news organization ever wants to make an error, but we all have procedures for handling them when we do,” referring to their apology.
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer accused Miller of “deliberately false reporting” about Trump’s first day as president. And since then Trump has pounded away even harder at how dishonest the media is in general and Time in particular. Trump is simply echoing the sentiments of Bernard Goldberg, who told us all what was going on sixteen years ago.
If you have not read Goldberg’s book you should read it. If you already have read it, an understanding of how the mind of a partisan Democrat journalist mind works is already at hand. This mindset begins with a deeply held false notion that Trump is a racist. Influenced completely by this false notion, there is a suspicion that as soon as Trump takes office, he will take all sorts of actions that are reflective of his racism. What Time attempts to describe as an innocent mistake, actually fits perfectly with the indisputable fact that the mainstream media (except for Fox) acts as a propaganda ministry for the Democratic Party. 
Predictably, Time magazine has become indignant as the withering attacks on its dishonesty just keep coming. Time thinks because this was simply a mistake for which it has already apologized, this story should go away.
Sorry, not good enough. It was not a mistake. Pre-disposed to cast Trump as a racist is the narrative Miller and most of his mainstream colleagues embrace every day. Miller was looking for something newsworthy to fit his preconceived notions. He found a story despite the fact that there was actually merely a “door and an agent” covering up the MLK bust that he quickly became sure had disappeared ........due to Trump’s racist philosophy.

It is actually quite enjoyable to watch Trump brand this herd of cattle-like reporters as if they were recently castrated steers that belong to the Bias Ranch. As of now, the biased journalist pool might not be minus their proverbial testicles. However, as time passes and Trump hits back repeatedly, it might just take a change of culture in journalism or a good running iron to alter what is becoming the media "brand" that is clear for all with open eyes to see.