Democrats for Gorsuch, an impressive list

© 2016 Jim Spence - A few years ago when we were doing our radio show we used to talk to cartoonist Tony Branco each week. He is a marvelous artist and we miss the interaction. Here is his latest creation:
Washington D.C. would a great sitcom comedy title, except it is actually a very bad reality show. The people who live and work there are wasting millions in taxpayer dollars.

The past few days have been instructive. Trump is working hard all day and half of the night. He is going faster than anyone who has ever tried to clean up that town. The GOP Senate and House cannot keep up. They are not used to producing only posturing.

On the other hand, over the past few days the Democrat Senators have been truant. They have simply no-showed committee meetings involving votes on Trump’s cabinet nominees. Their attitudes stand in stark contrast to those of Republicans when Barack Obama sent his nominees to Capitol Hill eight years ago. Some of the GOP senators voted against the Obama nominees, while others voted to confirm them. However at least the Republicans showed up to vote.

In 2017 the Democrats are acting like every day is senior ditch day in high school. Their orchestrated absences have finally forced those GOP Senators who showed up for the second day in a row to change the rules that requires at least one member of the opposition party to show up before business was conducted.

There are many ways to characterize what the Democrats have been doing now that they have discovered that they won't control any of the three branches of government. Some people say they are just mean-spirited. Others say they are childish. Still others call them obstructionists. Perhaps the best description is the Democrats have a constituency that is very far removed from reality. Denial seems to be their only friend. Hey! That sounds like a country music hit title.

Once again America can blame public education for the fact that Democrat voters don’t seem to realize that neither the Democrats nor Republicans remain in power for more than about two presidential terms. The longest run for the GOP since World War II was three terms, two by Reagan followed by one by George H.W. Bush. The Democrats have not held the White House for more than two consecutive terms since Harry Truman won in 1948. Since then, eight years has been the maximum number of years the Democrats have held on to the White House. 

Given the history of power rotation in America, one has to wonder why Democrats were so surprised when they lost the White House after losing everything else during the Obama presidency. But then again, who teaches U.S. history accurately in the public schools anymore? These poor snowflakes just weren't warned.

If you think the full scale assault on the Trump administration has been horrific lately, just keep watching. The turbo chargers are about to kick in by the Democrat’s propaganda ministry (that would be every major television network except Fox News).

The cartoon above says it all. Everyone knew what was at stake in the 2016 election. Anyone paying half attention knows the reason why Trump won is because even Republicans who don’t like him still wanted him and not Hillary to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Last night, Trump made his choice with Judge Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch has impeccable credentials. How impeccable are they you ask?

Here is a list of Democrats who supported the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch eleven years ago when he was nominated to federal bench by George W. Bush. See if you recognize any of these vaguely familiar names: Senator Barack Obama, Senator Joe Biden, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Maria Cantwell, Senator Tom Carper, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Robert Menendez, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Jack Reed, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Ron Wyden.

I think I have heard of some of these people. Expect most if not all of these hypocrites to pretend they never cast yes votes for Gorsuch. But they did vote for Gorsuch......all of them. And they did so when their party had control of the Senate. They could have rejected him with a flick of finger, but he was eminently qualified so they didn't.

What figures to come in the next few weeks will be character assassination that would make Joe McCarthy proud. But take heart. Gorsuch will be our next Supreme Court justice no matter how spectacular the intellectual gymnastics are from the side of the aisle that is now home for nearly every hypocritical lunatic in the nation.