UC Berkeley Riot

The Devos battle encapsulates all that is wrong

© 2016 Jim Spence - Did you ever watch Jay Walking on the Tonight Show? How about Watter’s World on Fox? If not perhaps you have read a few articles exposing all of the most elementary facts that the average high school graduates in America are oblivious to? It is actually embarrassing to realize how clueless American adults are becoming these days thanks to a public education system that disgracefully betrays our students with low expectations and anti-business Marxist political indoctrination.

Consider that our universities and colleges pile on and make the problem much worse. All over the nation higher ed facilities have gone so far as to create rules that actually ban free speech on campuses. These days most college students don’t have to hear ideas that they disagree with.......unless of course they are young Republicans. At many universities invitations to non-Democrat speakers are greeted by violent protests and/or riots. It happened at Berkeley just last week. It has also happened at UCLA and many other places too. It is startling that Democrats don't condemn attacks on the 1st Amendment. Are these really liberal thinkers?

One has to wonder when the courts deciding weighty matters are going to be violently protested or subjected to riots. Is the day coming when lawyers arguing for plaintiffs or defendants that disagree with Democrats are going to be blocked from entry into court houses? This is of course where the end of free speech winds up. Read Animal Farm if you aren't sure.

Sadly, a warped notion of reality and incredibly na├»ve parenting techniques are contributing to a cultural crisis. Parents are creating make-believe structures that pretend that there is no such thing as a “score” at the end of the sports games that kids are playing. Children that merely sign up to play sports are given “participation trophies.” Instead of teaching kids how to compete, including how to win and lose, parents prefer to provide the appearance of protecting those with less talent and skill building ambition. For several generations America has discouraged the pursuit of excellence. In doing so they have attempted to discourage those willing to work hard to build their skills. 

In a nutshell, this is what is going wrong in America. Skill building was once revered. Now it is often condemned as being excessively competitive. Democrats constantly argue that we need more "equality," not greater efforts to build skills. No wonder Silicon Valley wants more immigrant visas for workers. They can't find very many Americans with skills.

How did we lose it? The answer is simple. Democrats gained control public education in every state in the country decades ago. Since then they have defended the failing status quo with every ounce of energy they have. Make no mistake the status quo is now the public education monopoly that is sinking the nation. Schools are at their very worst in places where Democrats have been in charge for the longest lengths of time. The vast majority of inner city schools, which are run by Democrats and Democrats alone, are nothing more than violence infested day care centers. Teachers don't teach much in these places. They simply capitulate to gangs for the sake of safety. There are very few exceptions. Inner city schools are infected not just by intellectual corruption, they suffer from outright theft on an ongoing basis. School boards, superintendents, and principals in the inner cities often steal using nepotism, cronyism, and other softer forms of corruption to consume taxpayer resources.

Rather than clean up the mess, in places like Washington D.C. Senators and House members send their children to private schools. Attending the toxic public schools there would be absurd. Ditto for the Obama girls. Amazingly, taxpayers shell out $15,000 - $20,000 per year per student in D.C. and get next to nothing. It is the greatest scandal of our lifetimes. Ask Dr. Ben Carson.

The Betsy DeVos battle on Capitol Hill is emblematic of the how important maintaining a death grip on education is to Democrats. Supposedly there are some Democrats who are “moderate,” but none is moderate enough to vote for a true school choice reformer like Betsy DeVos to run the Department of Education. Instead, Democrats engage in shameless character assassination of DeVos. Democrats behavior on the DeVos nomination should be a scandal for the ages. But it isn’t. The news media merely suggests to us that there is another "fight" taking place, without explaining what the fight is about. It is about power, the power of Democrats to feed at the public education trough.

Two GOP Senators have been identified as being willing to cash in on the NEA’s campaign cash contribution windfalls that are part of the protection racket. Both Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Susan Collins (Maine) have decided that they cannot find a way to support real reform efforts for our floundering public education system. Both have announced they will join Democrats in the battle against choices for parents. The voters in Maine and Alaska should remove these Senators. But they probably won’t. Not enough people have been educated well enough to know what is happening. The whole problem is circular now.

As for New Mexico’s contribution to the ongoing corruption of public education, we need to look no farther than Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall. With New Mexico stuck in 49th place in educational achievement for decades under the death grip of Democrats, both New Mexico Senators will fight for more of the same. The idea of creating competition and choices for students in our state is the farthest thing from the minds of Senators Heinrich and Udall. These are the worst sorts of Senators imaginable. It is an embarrassment that we have two of them, though it does explain why New Mexico has not been competitive for sixty years.

On a single confirmation battle for Education Secretary, we can now encapsulate most of what is ailing America and New Mexico. Astonishingly, Senators Udall and Heinrich are pleased with idea that America and New Mexico is now typified by the people captured on exposes like Watter’s World. Like Murkowski and Collins, the last thing Senators Udall and Heinrich want is for people to be well-informed. If the electorate were more informed in New Mexico, it would put these two Senators back in the private sector to toil along with the rest of us minions.