Super Bowl Analysis

© 2016 Jim Spence - We have never been New England fans. Any area that could ignore Chappaquiddick and keep re-electing people like Ted Kennedy and Elizabeth Warren is not my kind of place. Accordingly, the Patriots are not our team. We had very little interest in the Super Bowl and did not pay much attention to the typical media hype that leads up to the game.
It turns out that the Patriots are Donald Trump’s team, which would NOT change our minds about rooting for them. Our little labradoodle was named Trump by the breeder when we got him five years ago. We promptly changed his name to Apollo…..because we didn’t like Trump. We still don’t like Trump much even though we voted for him. We actually voted for Neil Gorsuch though we didn’t know it at the time. But I digress.
This may come as a shock, but it would now seem that the Democrats can’t leave politics out of anything including a lousy NFL football game. It was a foregone conclusion that Trump was rooting for the Patriots, because he is close friends with Patriots' owner, Robert Kraft, as well as Coach Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady.
"Apollo" the dog formerly known as "Trump"
Of course in the Democrat controlled media, better known as the propaganda ministry, the “reporters” were fully aware that Trump was a New England fan, just as they knew Obama was a Chicago White Sox fan. Well apparently several reporters tried to ask Brady and Belichick about their support of Trump. They did so more than a dozen times during the player and coach interviews on Super Bowl media day.
The story gets pretty juicy. It seems that Kraft, Belichick, and Brady received great volumes of hate mail from Patriots fans and others for openly supporting Trump prior to the election. The straw that broke the donkey’s back seems to have been Brady daring to have a “Make America Great Again” cap in his locker for all the Democrats to see, just like the guy I walk my dog with does.
It gets even juicier. Hollywood hate monger Bill Maher used his alleged comedy show on HBO to go on a tirade against the New England Patriots. Maher did not merely announce he was rooting for the Atlanta Falcons because New England is Trump’s team, Maher actually screamed “F Trump, F Brady, and F the Patriots” on his show.
I actually watched the second half of the Super Bowl game on DVR Monday morning. I cannot stand the way the NFL overloads all football games with commercials. I must say that I made some astounding discoveries by playing some of the sideline shots in slow motion over and over. It might have looked like Atlanta made a bunch of critical mistakes that led to their crushing defeat. It might have also seemed like the Patriots raised the level of their play by leaps and bounds in the third and fourth quarters to get a win. But that is not what caused New England to pull off their astonishing victory. Nope. And follow me closely here. You had to look very close to what was going on. You had to be able to read lips and also draw some rather subjective conclusions. Fortunately, I have been able to do so.
Based on what I saw, a sure victory slip right through the Falcons fingers....was the result of the Russians hacking the game. Sure there were interceptions, but not the kind you might think of. Putin’s agents were intercepting both the offense and defensive signals of the Falcons. Russian hacks were leaking those signals to the fans, who in turn cheered even harder for the Patriots. These cheers, not to be confused with votes, resulted in the Patriots becoming really very inspired. This is what caused the stunning victory, not a better performance by the Patriots.

No doubt former Civil Rights marcher and Congressman John Lewis of Georgia saw everything the same way as I did and will call for a Congressional investigation and sanctions. It was obvious that the Patriots win was not legitimate due to Russian hacking that surely stole a victory from his team.

My guess is John Lewis and many other Democrats will now boycott the ceremony at the White House when Trump greets the Super Bowl champions.

And well they should!