A Second Civil War?

© 2016 Jim Spence - The state of South Carolina had a history of ignoring federal laws long before it became the first state to vote for secession in 1860. The nullification crisis of the 1830’s came about in South Carolina as a direct result of the pro-slavery Democrats rejecting federal authority on taxes and tariffs. Right up until the outbreak of the Civil War, the Democrats in South Carolina fought in the courts for the preservation of slavery. Addicted to cheap labor, South Carolina believed it needed to preserve the wretched institution.
In 1860 South Carolina voted for Democrat Stephen Douglas in the presidential election. When Douglas lost to Republican Abraham Lincoln, the state wasted no time voting to secede from the union. And when demands on Lincoln to remove the U.S. military garrison at Fort Sumter were ignored in 1861, the confederate army fired on the facility starting the first American Civil War.
Ironically, the Democrats in the state of California have, like South Carolina, been ignoring federal laws for decades. Under Democrat Barack Obama, California has been allowed to nullify federal laws on illegal immigration by serving as a sanctuary for those crossing the southern border. Of course there are economic reasons for this, just as there were with South Carolina's efforts at nullification. Illegal aliens, like slaves, are a source of cheap labor. Hillary Clinton supported the idea of keeping our borders open and cheap labor pouring in. And over sixty percent of California voters supported Clinton in the 2016 election.
Since Clinton's defeat, the heavily Democrat state has already begun to entertain a ballot measure that calls for California's secession from the United States. There is also discussion and threats being made by elected officials in California to not remit the state’s legally obligated tax dollars to the federal government. In Sacramento there are ongoing discussions underway to turn the entire state into a sanctuary for illegal aliens.
Ironically, Abe Lincoln did not receive 50 percent of the popular vote in 1860, nor did Donald Trump in 2016. The parallels and the vitriolic hatred of both Lincoln and Trump are simply amazing. Wealthy plantation owners in South Carolina exploited slave labor in 1860, while the wealthy residents in California take continuous advantage of cheap illegal immigrant labor there today.
The transformation of California has been astonishing. One fourth of all illegal aliens in the U.S. live in California. And not surprisingly, California is home to one third of all U.S. welfare recipients. California’s working poor faces oppressively regressive sales taxes on food and gasoline etc. California has roughly 150 serfs for every master.
Silicon Valley is the home of 21st Century California plantations. The super wealthy there support the status quo in the failing public school systems, while recruiting heavily and lobbying even heavier for more foreign students, who are much more likely to graduate from U.S. universities with the skills they need to work in the higher levels at Silicon Valley.
California is so dysfunctional that millions of lower level workers in Silicon Valley cannot afford to own homes there. The super wealthy own the properties and they rent them to the laborers. Naturally, the middle class is disappearing fast in California and living standards are plunging for most.
Is America headed for a second Civil War? It is possible. Consider the additional nullification efforts by Democrat strongholds on the West Coast this month. Democrats filed lawsuits to nullify the lawful actions of the federal government in Democrat friendly Seattle and San Francisco courts. Behaving as if they have access to classified daily intelligence briefings that spell out terrorist threats, or at least superior judgment on such possibilities, appointed Democrat judges in Seattle and San Francisco have effectively staged a mini coup de etat. Stripping the White House of its constitutional authority to make policy on immigration is an astounding development. This is the judicial equivalent of the Dred Scott ruling. These Democrat judges have pretended as they did in Dred Scott, that the U.S. Constitution does not provide for borders.
Many questions arise. What if California secedes? Will other Marxist leaning states join in as was the case with Democrat South Carolina one hundred and fifty-seven years ago?
Will President Trump send troops to California to preserve the union as Lincoln did?
If military force is needed, how widespread will the violence be?
What if California secedes successfully? What will U.S. Democrats do to replace the virtually automatic 55 electoral votes they have received every four years from California?
How will Democrats replace all of the House members as well as the two Senators? Republicans didn’t even bother to field a candidate in the Senate race there last year.
How will California pay for the support of 1/3 of all of America’s welfare recipients with tens of millions more sure to come through its southern border? 
How will California provide Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid funding when counties and cities have already allowed the government unions to bankrupt the pension system?
Frankly, I am not all that afraid of a Civil War breaking out. The millions of California residents who are opposed to secession live in rural areas of the state. They are well armed and will support federal troops that go in to preserve the union. While it is true that the inner city gangs are armed too, the gangs are much more intent on robbing people and killing each other in turf wars rather than engaging in para-military actions. They will use any conflict as an opportunity to loot.
Sadly, many of the middle class people that have ditched California because there are no real opportunities there have moved to New Mexico where they cast votes that are likely to turn New Mexico into a cesspool with even fewer opportunities. They know California stinks, they just don't know why.