Do elections have consequences?

© 2016 Jim Spence - The U.S. propaganda ministry has turned militant. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, the New York Times, The Washington Post, the vast majority of local newspapers, radio stations, and televisions stations around the nation are engaged in all out war against the new president. Even in states where socialism is exceedingly unpopular, journalists emerging from colleges and universities where they have been indoctrinated to be hardcore activist Democrats, slant headlines and shape basic coverage of most news and fake news to suit their political viewpoints.
Of course, we knew from the way the propaganda ministry fawned all over Barack and Michelle Obama that there was an unmistakable bias, but now that America’s heartland voted the Democrats out of power, we feel not just the propaganda ministry bias, but its fury. Instead of dealing in misrepresentations and distortions to make Obama's failed policies seem palatable, they are engaging in slander and libel to hurt Trump’s corrective agenda. This naked fury is actually perfectly tolerable, but only if you accept the following view points:

1) If you are a business person, you must admit you really do not add value to society or to your customers. Instead, you are part of the class of people in America that merely exploits others for your own benefit. You are to be taxed and regulated to protect the innocent from your excesses.

2) If you are a turf-protecting bureaucrat that does every task at one quarter speed, you should never have your work ethic or your motives questioned simply because you live a life that is purely selfless.

3) If you nodded your head during Bill Clinton’s lamenting of illegal immigration, which can be seen/heard here, or Barack Obama’s lamentations which can be seen /heard here, you must be able to do a one hundred-eighty degree about face when you hear or see Trump’s exact same views expressed on illegal aliens.

4) If you are concerned about women’s rights you must be willing to look the other way on all of the tenets of Islam that subjugate women to a category that is one step above property or livestock. You must also pretend that as more and more Muslim men who live by these tenets are accepted into U.S. society, these Stone Age views won’t begin to affect women’s rights.

5) If you are a woman you must pretend that anyone who suggests that everyone pay for their own birth control costs is conducting a war on women, even if you pay for your birth control.

6) Your reaction to overwhelming evidence of the deliberate suppression of scientific dissent on earth temperatures, along with the outright falsification of most climate data hasn’t happened, despite the fact that highly placed whistle blowers within the scientific community have been insisting that it is ongoing.

7) You should pretend that Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of millions of dollars from Wall Street investment banks for 35 minute speeches, and her husband’s appointment of a Goldman Sachs banker as Treasury Secretary was OK, but Trump’s Treasury Secretary Nominee is evil because he worked on Wall Street.

8) You must pretend that defaulted on solar energy loans made to Obama fundraising bundlers by Obama’s Energy Secretary were all unfortunate but legitimate, but the appointment of Texas Governor Rick Perry from an energy rich state, is suspect.

9) You must pretend that not much of anything including making America’s tax structure more competitive can prevent union jobs from leaving the country, but if Boeing wants to build a second plant in a right to work state like South Carolina, it is an ”unfair labor practice.”

10) You must accept being lied to about keeping your doctor and your health insurance if you liked it, because it was Obama who lied to you.

11) You must insist that mothers have ZERO choices on educating those they give birth to, but government should give pregnant women the right and the money if they “choose” to kill their unborn babies.

12) You must pretend that people making death threats and hurling racial insults against Tim Scott are OK because though he is black, because he is also a Republican. You have to hold the conviction that only black Democrats can be real targets of racists.

13) If President Obama or his press secretary chooses a reporter that is not an open opponent of his policies during a press conference it is just fine but if Trump or his press secretary does so it is because he only wants a soft ball question.

What we are witnessing is the acceptance by Democrats that there are not any laws or rules. They are using rogue courts to pretend they can overrule constitutional decisions on national security. The propaganda ministry is engaging in libel and slander every day. Colleges and Universities are suspending the 1st Amendment. The state of California is nullifying federal laws and is planning a referendum on secession just as South Carolina did in 1960.
What we are seeing is an all out war being waged on a duly elected government. This war is becoming more and more organized by the Democrats who are acting in concert with Democrats in academia, the Democrat run teacher unions, the Democrat dominated entertainment industry, and most important of all, the Democrats who control the U.S. propaganda ministry, which is also known as most news outlets. What was once described as a cultural war is morphing before our very eyes into a second U.S. Civil War. The first U.S. Civil War was initiated by Democrats. I t looks like they want to do it again.
Mr. Obama once infamously said, "elections have consequences.” Mr. Obama was so right about that. If elections don’t have consequences then civil war or anarchy are sure to follow. We move perilously closer to one or the other every day.
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