Crowd Size matter?

Encouraging rage

© 2016 Jim Spence - Barack Obama was president for eight years. Not everyone liked it. But Obama won. Most Americans who didn’t vote for Obama trudged off to work each day for eight years anyway. It is what you do win or lose.
America was faced with two choices in 2016, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Sixty percent of America’s fifty states (30) chose Trump, and only 40% chose Clinton. Astonishingly, Trump carried 84.28% of all U.S. counties while Clinton won only 15.72% of all counties.
In 2017 Americans are getting a good look at what Democrats do when they are out of power. They are "encouraging rage" while Trump fulfills the promises he made that enabled him to carry 60% of the states and 84% of the counties.
A good example of how low Democrat’s behavior is sinking is to consider their insistence on a slow motion confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It did not stop there. Democrats accused Jeff Sessions of being a racist, while Senator Tim Scott, the Senate’s only black Republican, was targeted for racist tweets by thousands of Democrats. The Democrat’s racist assault on Scott became so hostile and visceral the black Senator from South Carolina finally went to the Senate floor and read samples of Democrat methods. He omitted the hundreds of instances where Democrats called him the N word.
“You are an Uncle Tom, Scott. You’re for Sessions. How does a black man turn on his own,” Scott read. "Tim Scott ... doesn’t have a shred of honor. He’s a House Negro like the one in ‘Django.’”
Democrats have used the term, “diversity” in a very perverted way for decades. Democrats actually don’t want “diversity” if it means more black men and black women being accepted even if they chose to be Republicans. Senator Scott has one of only two black chiefs of staff in the entire U.S. Senate. The other African-American chief of staff in the United States Senate is also the chief of staff of a Republican.
Of course, there was no mass media coverage of the racist assaults on Tim Scott let alone any other stories exposing the utter hypocrisy of Democrats. It would seem that only racist assaults directed at black Democrats are worthy of coverage.
If you were watching the mainstream media Trump deplores prior to the elections, you would have thought that Hillary Clinton was about to carry 84% of all U.S. counties and 60% of all U.S. states not Trump. And if you have been watching any news outlet except Fox SINCE the election, you would still think Hillary Clinton actually carried 84% of all counties and 60% of all states, not Trump.
Many people don’t care much for Trump’s style or his personality. But it is clear that he won because to many millions of Americans, for now, his policies make more sense than those offered by Democrats.
Sadly, nobody should believe any polls reported by any news network anymore. Polls are propaganda. It is better to rely on common sense in the wake of the all the fatally flawed polls.
Only common sense is required to realize that anyone who opposes the basic requirement of photo identification for voting, wants to make it easier to commit voter fraud. Scientists are now engaging increasingly in whistle blowing, at great personal risk, to expose temperature data manipulation in climate change studies. Common sense dictates that we realize that the climate change science is not exactly settled, just increasingly marred by chicanery. When we see Democrats now pretending that Russia is the boogieman, a notion that Democrats laughed at just five years ago when Mitt Romney made the same assertion, we must realize Democrats are grasping at straws because they lost 84% of all U.S. counties and their ledger of ideas is bankrupt.
In my two previous columns I have suggested that it is increasingly possible that a second U.S. Civil War is looming in the not too distant future. The Democratic party was able to win just 16% of all counties and just 40% of all states. The Democratic party is taking actions that would nullify the same election that saw 84% of all counties and 60% of all states utterly reject its candidate and her ideas. This is dangerous business.
Close to 90% of all journalists, entertainers, and college professors also seem to think attempts at nullification are a good idea. All of this is taking place less than one month after the Trump inauguration.
Efforts to encourage rage and nullify elections are not without precedent. Democrat-dominated California is behaving like Democrat-dominated South Carolina in 1860. The eventual Democrat rebels in the pro-slavery states hated Lincoln’s guts. Lincoln clearly won the 1860 election, but did not receive 50% of the popular vote.
In 2017, Democrats are conducting an orchestrated political war after a convincing loss. It is a very dangerous response for Democrats to pretend they won when they lost. Just as the Democrats encouraging rage in the Black Lives Matter movement led to the deaths of law enforcement officers all over the nation, their blatant encouragement of rage within their constituencies, is going to lead to disaster for our nation.
Brace yourself.