Does anyone remember 2016 was a "change" election?

© 2016 Jim Spence - Not a big fan of Trump’s style? You are not alone. The news media (minus Fox) is virtually uniform in its disdain, for not only the Trump style, but also his policies. A friend of ours tells the story of a rodent exterminator he hired last year. He did not like much of anything about the guy except for his persistent efforts got rid of the rodent problem. This is the dividing line in America. We have a rodent problem. The mainstream news media is simply not trusted by the American public. The reasons for the distrust are like counting the stars in the night sky. It is tough to count them all. The best way to summarize would be to say that the mainstream media has grown fond of rodents.

To keep rodents in power in the U.S. the mainstream media has been pulling out all of the stops. They used fatally flawed polls to predict a Hillary Clinton landslide last year. Despite the fact that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper built their own biases into every polling narrative, when the votes were counted Hillary Clinton lost 30 of 50 states and 85% of all counties in the U.S.

This was alarming to Democrats. MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski encapsulated the media’s fears pretty well on MSNBC just yesterday when she said it was the media’s job to, get this…….“Control what the people think.” It is her deeply held fear that somehow Trump might be affecting how people think. Poor Mika doesn’t quite get it. Trump REFLECTS what 85% of American counties and 60% of American states think. This seems to be a fact too horrible to accept for Democrats.
Trump Fine Tuned Machine
The hysteria in the news media has never subsided in wake of the election. The public is told many things by the propaganda ministry as it tries to reassert its dominance over the narratives. First, we were told that misogynists (women haters) defeated Hillary. Next we were told that racists defeated her. The problem with these false narratives is that Trump attracted many millions of female votes and millions of votes in counties that went for Obama not once, but twice.

It would seem that Democrats along with the media (but I repeat myself) have finally coalesced around the idea that Hillary lost because the Russians were able to successfully phish John Podesta’s emails and release them. The contents of these emails showed that the Clinton’s cheated Bernie Sanders and collaborated with the media on debate questions to give her an advantage. These facts are painted over with the phrase "Russians hacked the election." This is asinine.

Sometimes politics is pretty simple. But if you are a Democrat you collaborate with the media to make politics seem complicated. After eight years of overt socialism, the policies of Barack Obama failed America. Accordingly, 2016 was a “change” election. Let me repeat this. America wanted change.

What we are witnessing now are entrenched bureaucracies resisting the change 60% of American states and 85% of American counties voted for. International globalists like George Soros who would love to control the U.S. from Europe have been hiring professional protesters to show up at GOP rallies and now town hall meetings. These paid protesters pretend they are working Americans who want to stop the “change” Americans voted for.

Some people ask why is the American news media so hated and so deeply distrusted? The answer is simple. It is their willful ignorance of reality. The media continues to deny that Americans want change. The media intentionally ignores solid undercover work by real journalists who expose the realities associated with professional protesters. All you have to do to realize this is true is watch a White House press briefing these days. When Sean Spicer points to the fact that protesters are being PAID to show up at town hall meetings and pan for mainstream media cameras, reporters at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper seem dumbfounded. But the facts are what the facts are. Journalists are not the least bit curious about disgraced Chicago Democrat Scott Foval who was caught by undercover investigative reporters admitting that he paid protesters and put them on buses to disrupt GOP rallies. You can read about this HERE

If you did read about Foval you did something that most people at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper in America refuse to do. The bottom line is the media is hated because they refuse to acknowledge the widespread documentation that runs counter to all of their preferred narratives. This why they get so many things wrong, starting with their ridiculous polls.

Working Americans want change because of the nightmare of stagnant wages in America intensified under Obama while all illegal immigration enforcement came to a virtual standstill. There is no public policy that will keep wages stagnant more than opening borders with a country like Mexico, where the government dominates life and workers must settle for peanut wages. Of course a gigantic percentage of illegal aliens that sneak across the U.S. border wind up on our welfare rolls while clogging our emergency rooms. This is reality.

It is still clear that the news media doesn’t get reality, which explains why Americans are choosing their information sources carefully. While ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper are running stories on what paid protesters are doing (without identifying them as paid protesters) Americans are watching Donald Trump do pretty much what he promised to do when he won 60% of states and 85% of the counties just four months ago.

Americans demanded change at the ballot box. Minus the coarse Trump style, it is pretty refreshing to see somebody actually win an election and then do his damnedest to keep his promises. And it is disgusting to watch the press pretend about virtually everything that occurs right under their noses.