To hell with a grieving widow

© 2016 Jim Spence - Let me begin this column by calling attention to Democrats Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Keith Ellis. This pair actually were seen debating whether to stand and applaud as the widow of a Navy seal was honored during Donald Trump’s speech to Congress Tuesday night. In the end these two partisans quickly chose to remain seated. Had Hillary Clinton been president and presented this very same grieving widow for the same basic honor what would they have done? No doubt these two despicable Democrats would have jumped to their feet and applauded enthusiastically. How pathetic it is that they could not stop being petty for thirty seconds to show support for a grieving widow. This is what far too many Democrats are all about these days. Let's illustrate the problem.
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Wasserman-Schultz and Ellis
Americans have been routinely calling for a change in direction with a super-majority saying the nation was on the wrong track in 2016.
Out went the Obama administration on January 20th after eight years in the captain’s seat. In came Donald Trump and his appointees to try to get America turned around.
Trump, despite all his shortcomings in terms of style points, actually won 85% of all American counties. This is a stunning statistic. Only 15% of American counties wanted Hillary to replace Obama. Minus most of the large metro areas in America where crime is sky high, public schools are little more than cesspools of corruption, and disintegrated family units mass produce welfare recipients, America overwhelmingly rejected the Democrats ideas in favor of change.
With the inauguration of Donald Trump we see the ugliest sequence of events any liberty loving American has ever seen unfolding.
The problem is Americans “thought” they were getting change when then Senator Obama the presidential candidate called the budget deficits racked up under George Bush “immoral.” However, once he had the keys to the White House, President Obama signed budget bills into law that borrowed more money than all 43 of his predecessors combined. Um….that was not the change Obama was preaching about as a candidate. Apparently having a credit card wherein someone else has to pay off the charges can “change” people, even those who indignantly call for change.
There are even worse things going on now. At one time most Democrats could be counted on to resist efforts to legitimize unwarranted spying on Americans. Senator Obama himself lamented bureaucrat’s reprehensible privacy invasions on many occasions…….before he gained control of the intelligence agencies. Yes, the former Illinois senator pompously warned us of the possibility of national security spying somehow morphing into political spying. Sadly, just as Obama the president doubled up on reckless government borrowing after calling it immoral, he also embraced unencumbered political spying after calling it dangerous.
Michael Moore Attacks War WidowWith all of the Obama holdover political appointees still working in the intelligence communities, the practice of using information gathered during intelligence operations for advantages in domestic political battles is an insidious reality now. Many partisan Democrats are now showing us they embrace an utter disdain for personal privacy now that most of their power has been stripped away by the voters.
Clearly Obama holdovers are tracking the whereabouts of those who they perceive to be their domestic political enemies and eavesdropping when they can do so. Still worse, these bureaucrats are insinuating to their friends in the press what they think might have been said, based on their shared partisan biases. As slimy as this behavior is, to be somewhat effective, Democrats need domestic weapons to make their false insinuations sting.
How low have the New York Times and Washington Post sunk? These propaganda ministries are now part of a corrupt arrangement where they are the weapons used to help shamelessly entrenched Democrat bureaucrats in Washington fight their new bosses.
In what cannot be described as anything less than a relentless effort to drive the bogus “Russian narrative” into the space of public discussion, these news outlets, using alleged “leaks” from anonymous Democratic Party sources within government, are now publishing story after story that try to insinuate treasonous behavior is taking place. This the ultimate form of corruption. It is no wonder American have a lower opinion of the press than any other entity.
Sadly, the American Civil Liberties Union is busier these days trying to coerce the U.S. courts to extend constitutional rights to every non American citizen on the planet, while their fellow Democrats are eroding the basic foundations of constitutional guarantees for U.S. citizens.
Be clear about what is going on in America. Democrats in Washington D.C. are far beyond anger. That the voters in 85% of U.S. counties and 60% of American states wanted change has not been cause for any Democratic Party self-reflection. Instead, it seems their being rebuked by voters is used as justification for even more dastardly behaviors. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi don’t represent anything except blind fanaticism.
More sad, there are no rules now and nor fundamental truths associated with journalism. If anyone thinks the power hungry pack of Democrat jackals remaining in Washington won’t use the incredible power of government and their friends in the press to come after you someday, think again.
What should be done? There should be mass layoffs in Washington D.C. Tens of thousands of unprincipled parasites working there need to get real jobs. The nation must rid itself of this horrific parasite infestation before it destroys us.