Let's leave tons of garbage and abandon puppies

© 2016 Jim Spence - Wow what a great party man!
You have to shake your head at the professional protesters who showed up and stayed in North Dakota to voice their concerns for the “environment.” They did so as they ranted, raved, and encouraged the propaganda ministers at the major media outlets to amplify objections to the Dakota Access Pipeline. These people behaved as if there have never been any energy pipelines crossing under rivers anywhere. There was no word from this group concerning the other eight pipelines in the area which have been transporting oil safely across rivers in the region for decades.
The truth is the United States is covered in energy pipelines and has been for many generations. In recent years, as environmentalists have stopped the construction of new pipelines, with the help of the Obama administration, above ground trains have been used to transport oil via tanker cars. This is alternative is illogical as transporting oil above ground is much more dangerous to the environment and to ecosystems than using pipelines. Occasional train derailments can and do lead to horrific accidents as was the case in Quebec in 2013.
Dakota Pipeline ProtestThe bottom line is simple, the protesters of this energy pipeline project drove their gasoline burning cars, trucks, vans, RV's, and SUV’s to this pristine site to object to.....the use of gasoline. Of course some Hollywood Democrats flew to the protest site in their private jets. It would seem that the the photo opportunities that came in the wakes of their gigantic carbon footprints were too irresistible. Pretending they are more "sensitive" and "compassionate," the protesters pompously implored America to stop using gasoline in front of cameras. It was reminiscent of environmental versions of television evangelist Jimmy Swaggert, who frequently objected to premarital sex while riding around in his limousine with hookers.

Image result for piles of garbage at dapl protestWhat happened when the protesters abandoned their absurd demonstrations against the pipeline was more instructive because it showed their true colors regarding their deep concerns about the environment. Literally tens of tons of toxic garbage including untreated human waste had piled up during their stay. These so-called environmentally conscious protesters simply walked away from their trash. Government officials had to quickly bring in bulldozers to clean up the mess before the untreated human waste and other toxins began to leach into the watershed. This would be the exact same watershed these protesters "claimed" they were concerned about.
Piles of garbage and human waste is not the only thing these protesters abandoned. Dogs with puppies were also left behind to fend for themselves in the North Dakota winter as all of the “Save the Planet,” types headed off to protest something else someplace else.
It is important to recognize these protesters are core Democratic Party constituents, except of course for the abandoned dogs and their puppies.