Mystery solved

© 2016 Jim Spence - Sleuthing is fun. Books, televisions shows, and movies that are written as mysteries, will always have a good chance for success because readers and viewers love to solve puzzles.
It is all starting to make sense now, this political puzzle we have been scratching our heads over. The Democrats seemed compelled to formulate a narrative in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat by Donald Trump last November. Democrats settled on attempting to connect the Trump administration to the Russians. As I said in my previous column, this narrative is absurd and downright bizarre.
Well, maybe not.
On the surface, this Russian narrative has to be the dumbest thing imaginable. It is so ridiculous it has been very puzzling. Still, the Democrats have stayed on the offensive with this Russian con job, feeding a rabidly anti-Trump press one tidbit with a Russian inference, after another. Understanding why the Democrats have felt the need to perpetuate this Russian nonsense holds the key to solving the puzzle.
Last month the New England Patriots proved that the best defense is a good offense. The Democrats knew they had to go on the offensive with this Russian thing, simply because they knew they were eventually going to have to play some very serious defense. Democrats are about to go on defense.
What are Democrats going to be required to defend?
Astonishingly, the Democrats must defend a decision by the Obama Justice Department to engage in electronic surveillance of the opposition candidate (Donald Trump) in the late stages of last year’s presidential election. In the Democrat’s world, screaming the phrase, “the Russians hacked the election,” every five minutes, is nothing more than an orchestrated ruse to obfuscate police state like actions by the Obama DOJ.
Obama wiretapping Cartoon
The pieces of the puzzle fit snug. Early in 2017, leaks coming from the Obama DOJ revealed that General Mike Flynn had a discussion with the Russian ambassador. Flynn showed serious shortcomings on the integrity front by denying contents of that discussion to V.P. Mike Pence, before later admitting them. Flynn lied about something silly and in doing so he blew his reputation for truthfulness. Accordingly, Flynn was asked to resign, which he did.
Feeling successful with the Flynn scalp, last week Democrats shifted the target of their Russian con, pointing to a meeting then Senator Jeff Sessions had with the Russian ambassador. This time the ruse backfired when there were quick revelations that dozens of Democrat senators had also been in meetings with the Russian ambassador.
Criminal activity is hard to cover up. The idea that the DOJ holdovers knew Sessions met with the Russian ambassador was a smoking gun. It made it obvious to the Trump people that the Obama DOJ had been tracking Trump and other Trump official’s activities and eavesdropping. Worse yet, DOJ employees have also been committing felonies by giving misleading information to their friends in the anti-Trump press that is actually classified.
Here’s where this trail of crime leads. Only President Obama had the authority to order eavesdropping without a court order, and Obama has denied giving that order. The DOJ had to obtain a warrant to eavesdrop. Either way it is bad news for the Democrats.
If the Obama DOJ actually did get a warrant, it would have had to.....get this……..“alleged,” that the target of the warrant, was a "foreign agent attempting to do damage to the U.S." This strict requirement for obtaining a warrant provides the connection to the Democrat’s puzzling false Russian narrative. Democrats had to allege something completely outlandish to make their wiretapping/surveillance request "legal." However, even if they procured a warrant under false pretenses, which they most surely did do, nobody at the DOJ can disclose anything about the process because the whole process was classified.
Things got very complicated once the Democrats lost the November election. With Trump's appointees coming in, Democrats had to know that eventually much of the evidence regarding their atrocious surveillance of Trump was going to surface. The Obama DOJ officials knew they had to get out in front of what was eventually going to be a devastating Nixonian revelation. By developing a plausible lie built around Russian connection allegations, they would at least have a reason for getting a warrant. Of course, the leaks of the information gathered remain an indefensible felony.
Late last week it must have finally become completely clear to Donald Trump and his team that they had all been under electronic surveillance and might still be. Naturally, Trump went on the offense. He charged that Barack Obama was in on the bugging, which is only logical, though there is no proof of this......yet.
Obama quickly countered the Trump charge by issuing a non-denial denial. Obama did not deny that the presidential candidate he vehemently opposed was bugged by his DOJ during his presidency. Obama simply denied that it was he that used his presidential authority to order the surveillance. No doubt going forward, Mr. Obama is going to say that the decision to bug the Trump communication system was made by people way downstream at the DOJ, and it was done without his knowledge. Obama made these same types of claims to shield himself from the criminal activities of Eric Holder at DOJ, as well as Lois Lerner at the IRS. Nixon did the same.
However, even if Obama is telling the truth, the Obama Department of Justice has some very serious constitutional explaining to do. Not only did DOJ officials make false allegations to get a warrant, they leaked half-truths and innuendos to their buddies in the news media, which is also a crime.
In my last column, I suggested that Trump should fire hundreds and hundreds of people at the DOJ and start all over. The reason is the DOJ is infested with the most poisonous parasites known to mankind. This would be lawyers that came in as radical political appointees under Obama. These people are unprincipled political operatives who have been, while drawing government paychecks, engaged in dirty tricks, cover-ups, and lawless activities that would make Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell and Nixon Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman blush.
Why would the Democrats at the DOJ do this? The simple answer is, power corrupts. Perhaps this scam began when Clinton’s chief imbecile John Podesta clicked on a phishing email that gave Wikileaks damaging access to his personal files. Perhaps the Obama DOJ decided with the Wikileaks incursion that it was cyber crime game on and they needed to eavesdrop on Trump just as A.G. John Mitchell decided he needed to bug the Democrats headquarters in 1972.
It would seem now that both Wikileaks and the Obama DOJ have engaged in widespread cyber crimes. However, there is at least one major difference. Wikileaks criminals like Julian Assange are indicted fugitives. Many of the Obama DOJ officials are still cashing government paychecks while having cocktails regularly with so-called journalists at ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.
Thanks to the power of the subpoena, we are going to find out more about the cyber crimes committed by the Obama administration. As this process unfolds, we now have the context that explains why the Democrats have been running with this absurd Russian con since early November. It has been a perverted effort to blur the public’s perception of the crimes committed by the Obama DOJ while justifying the use of government machinery to conduct surveillance on political opponents.
The mystery is solved.