Gutless bastards

© 2016 Jim Spence - Government does not exist to solve problems. Government exists to perpetuate government and consume more and more resources.
Yesterday I met with a nurse who has worked in the healthcare industry for nearly forty years. She lamented the fact that the tug of war between two gigantic bureaucracies; government and insurance companies, has destroyed the option for doctors and nurses to use their common sense. This regrettable circumstance is going to continue to get worse now that we have seen the GOP's healthcare "fix."
What you are seeing unfold in Washington D.C. is the latest round of absurdity. 
The problem with healthcare is actually pretty simple. Resources are scarce and government is consuming them in the name of helping to solve problems. Ronald Reagan summarized this situation well. Government is not the solution, government is the problem. Nobody on either side of the aisle understands that fundamental truth anymore.
In 2010 the Democrats, without a single GOP vote, passed Obamacare. In doing so, they transferred more and more power to consume resources to federal government. The carrot used for this power grab was more freebies for some Americans. The stick was much heavier taxation, mandates, and more expensive insurance for most working Americans.
A few years ago I wrote a column in this space and pointed out the simple fact that the emperor (Obama) had no clothes. Despite what was claimed, Obama and the Democrats were not fixing anything. They simply accelerated the massive wealth and power transfer from everywhere in America to Northern Virginia and Maryland where grossly over-compensated government bureaucrats have continued to swallow up trillions of taxpayer dollars each year without a care in the world.
Highly paid bureaucrats were nervous when the GOP won in November. Their fears were unfounded. Nothing is going to change.
Senators and House members refuse to deal with reality. This includes Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who are supposed to be "leading." The D.C. bureaucrats that Ryan and McConnell are protecting do not serve taxpayers as if they were their very valuable customers. Taxpayers cannot even see the invisible Washington bureaucrats that have the authority to make critical decisions regarding their lives. They can’t reach them by phone (their voice mails almost always pickup), and taxpayers really have no direct claims or leverage on bureaucratic efforts or results. The proof is in the pudding. The counties in Maryland and Northern Virginia that border Washington D.C. are now the wealthiest in the nation. And yet the customer service taxpayers receive from the bureaucrats living in these areas is atrocious and getting worse all of the time.
GOP Congress Afraid
Watching the Republicans celebration after the November election was a charade. They claimed they were happy because they finally had healthy majorities, plus the White House to sign the laws they passed. They were finally going to set about the process of fixing the messes made mostly by Democrats.
So far Congressional Republicans have proven themselves to be the sort of gutless bastards that has kept me registered as an independent for decades.   
Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are not problem solvers. They are self-serving elected officials that have been part of the problem in America for decades. Speaker Paul Ryan produced a weak excuse for his failures yesterday when he said that, "governing is hard." Here's a news flash. Governing is even harder if you don't lead.
The Obamacare repeal that was unveiled earlier this week is nothing but a band-aid. What we are seeing from the GOP now that they "have the votes," is a hapless proposal that assures the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world is going to continue. Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas are going to continue to get richer along with the crony capitalists who buy politicians. The rest of the nation is going to suffer pretty much as it has under Democrats. Eventually when the productive capacity of America is severely diminished, Maryland and Virginia will implode too. Golden egg laying geese will eventually starve when they are ignored and abused.
In the short run, it will be business as usual in the D.C. area. Bureaucrats will continue to pretend they serve the people instead of themselves and the long lines in the doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, and clinics are going to get longer. The V.A. customer service model is spreading like cancer.