The stealth Washingtonian Party

© 2016 Jim Spence - There is a stealth political party dominating America. It is unnamed, but seems more organized and purposeful then the GOP. It should be called the Washingtonian Party.
Upon reflection, the rise of the Washingtonians has been logical. There is more power and control over the nation’s wealth to be had by controlling government, than merely embracing fundamental truths. And accordingly, it makes sense to be a Washingtonian if staying in Washington is the objective, which it is much more often than not.
The sole requirement for being a Washingtonian is to be ambivalent to the fact that in Washington, where the rules of society are made, words do not matter. Once one makes this compromise on basic personal integrity, being a Washingtonian gets to be pretty easy.
Virtually all Democrats caucus with the Washingtonians without admitting it. This is so because in the world of the Washingtonians, up can be down, in can be out, round can be square, good can be bad, female can be male, and yes, male can be female. All illegal immigrants can somehow be living here legally. And most important of all, every non-U.S. citizen must be treated as if they enjoy the privileges of U.S. citizenship which are bestowed by the U.S. Constitution......on U.S. citizens (along with messy little responsibilities, like registering for the draft).
Because words have no meaning to Democrats, they will fervently argue with a straight face, that laws passed by Congress and signed by a president (any president), are merely enforcement optional. If the president likes the law, he or she can feel free to enforce it. If not, feel free to ignore it. Additionally, laws may only be enforced by a GOP president, if every single Federal Circuit Court judge in the land likes those laws. The U.S. Constitution is irrelevant if one judge can be found who does not like the law.
Anyone who objects to this absurd charade can expect no help from any Washingtonian. Sure, Washingtonians might well “say” they object to this situation too, but they will never do anything to stop it. Instead, the little people, people who are not Washingtonians or Democrats, will be required to spend money endlessly on lawyers and argue about the basic meaning of simple words. Judges will continue to be allowed to act as dictators, because impeaching dictatorial judges never enters into the national discussion.
Unlike Democrats who make very little effort to hide their penchant for stupidity, Washingtonians will pretend they are angry about how Democrats portray America and poison America from within. Democrats will play the race card and stomp their feet and demand that refugees from countries that train all of their children to hate America be allowed to flood into the U.S., while Washingtonians will feign disagreement with them but do nothing. When the federal government hands thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars every month to each refugee family, while never fixing a system that is supposed to provide decent health care to U.S. veterans, Washingtonians will “act” is if they strenuously object. Then Washingtonians will do nothing other than fund raise.
Democrats prefer to ignore the true legacy of slavery, a human atrocity that has been practiced by people of all races, and began thousands of years ago, and instead suggest that somehow 21st Century white Americans are responsible for all of the atrocities associated with slavery in the U.S. seven generations ago. Washingtonians always take the ridiculous guilt-by-association slavery bait, and agree to throw freebies funded not by them, but by taxpayers, at the petitioners and the army of Democrat bureaucrats that slurp from that public trough.
When Democrats in public education ignore teaching the fact that the two biggest butchers of human beings in world history were Mao and Stalin, Washingtonians won’t bother to demand that the fact that both Stalin and Mao were also fervent anti-capitalists be taught too. When Hitler’s atrocities are appropriately taught in school, the fact that Hitler was also fervently anti-capitalist is left out of the narrative as well. Democrats don’t want any of the anti-capitalist dots connected to the murderous nature of the most famous socialists in history. And Washingtonians don’t have the inclination to demand that our children get educated instead of indoctrinated. Demanding an education based on truth gets in the way of the Washingtonian's goal which is not to facilitate change but to simply remain in Washington.
Curiously, the ACLU and the Democrats used to strenuously object to any move to create opportunities to fundamentally violate privacy.....until Mr. Obama’s henchmen engaged in particularly outrageous assaults on privacy. Not to be outdone by Democrat ambivalence towards the 5th Amendment, Washingtonians have also been astonishingly silent about the fact that Obama’s henchmen gained illegal access to NSA privacy data for political purposes.
There is a great irony in the way Washingtonians, disguised as Republicans, have governed since winning majorities in both houses of Congress. They have done very little other than talk a good game. There are so many Washingtonians in the GOP that “say” they want smaller government, while taking actions that makes sure government never shrinks and always grows larger. This explains why a White House budget, that trimmed the size of government substantially, was labeled “dead on arrival” by Washingtonian Senators who garnered less than 1% of the Republican votes in presidential primaries. This is what Washingtonians do. Democrats have been decimated nationally because the American heartland despises them. And Washingtonians say they they are with the heartland voters, but they collaborate for status quo every day.
Finally, you may wonder why:
  • it is considered OK for men to pee and poop in the ladies bathrooms with little girls present,
  • people who enter the U.S. illegally are called “immigrants” now instead of illegal aliens,
  • producing an I.D. to use your credit card is fine, but asking everyone to do so to vote is racist,
  • it isn’t greedy to game the federal, state, and county governments for taxpayer-funded freebies, and raise taxes to do so, but simply wanting to keep more of the money you work for and earned is,
  • “choice” is considered a wonderful term that signifies freedom when it comes to killing babies, but it is an awful term when it’s applied to owning a gun or picking which school to send your children to.
There is one basic reason why these fundamental violations of common sense are proliferating in America. Democrats embrace these violations and the Washingtonian Party members cannot be bothered with the inconveniences required to halt the assault on the idea that language should have meaning.