Democrats: Let's stick it to New Mexican families and businesses, again

© 2016 Jim Spence - Governor Susana Martinez is fighting the same forces bent on economic destruction that have relegated New Mexico to a long history of being an economic basket case. It does not have to be this way. Our state is surrounded by five prosperous states. Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas are states where Republicans have a say and poverty is lower, while living standards are much higher. In New Mexico our best hope is for Governor Martinez to keep the idiocy coming out of Santa Fe to a minimum.
Martinez says she is preparing to furlough state employees very soon. This plan is of course coming thanks to a refusal by New Mexico Democrats to EVER reduce the size, scope, and overwhelming domination of bureaucrats in Santa Fe. Yes, the state of New Mexico is going to be out of money again very soon. What a surprise.
“I will keep fighting against the typical Santa Fe mentality, that of sticking it to New Mexican families and businesses in a crisis,” Martinez said. “I will not let politicians bail out big government on the backs of New Mexicans.”
The typical Democrat response came from two of the best friends unproductive and inaccessible bureaucrats have ever had in this state. That would be Representative Brian Egolf and Senator Peter Wirth.
A lawyer, Egolf is now the Speaker of the House. “This is needlessly frightening state employees,” Egolf said of the governor’s demand that Democrats stop protecting the wasteful bureaucracy that funnels millions of dollars in campaign contributions the Democrat's way every year.
Susana Martinez
Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth, D-Santa Fe made a ridiculous statement about the intransigence of Democrats. Wirth said if the governor were, “acting responsibly,” she would be, “Raising the recurring revenue necessary to prevent further cuts to public education, health care and public safety programs.”
What Peter Wirth really meant by his statement was, “We should just throw another five or ten pounds of weight on the backs of non-government employees all over the state, so nobody in Santa Fe ever has to make a tough choice.”
Martinez has yet to veto the state budget that was passed by Democrats in the recently ended session, but she says she will do so. Martinez is expected to call a special session after she vetoes the budget. In the meantime, Martinez officials say they are preparing to cut the hours of some nonessential state services.
The real solution is actually pretty simple. Anyone who is not “essential” should go find a job some place else where they are actually “essential.” The arrogance of the Democratic Party in New Mexico and the reason why 72% of all babies born in this state have the costs of their births picked up by Medicaid (instead of the parents), is because working citizens are forced to shell out many hundreds of millions (if not billions of dollars each year) that Democrats insist must go to Santa Fe for things that are NOT essential.
The basic fundamental truth here is New Mexico has taxed and regulated itself into a poverty doom loop that makes New Mexico’s state economy the disgrace of the nation.
“We have a tremendous opportunity right now to reduce the size of government,” Martinez said yesterday. Sadly, opportunities like this have been passed up every year for more than six decades under the stranglehold of one party rule.
Public labor union representatives were quick to dismiss Martinez and her call for heavier burdens on New Mexico’s workers (except bureaucrats). Charles Goodmacher, a teacher’s union political operative, who milks the political system in this state for a living, made this absurd claim: “They spent 60 days compromising, the budget is a compromise.”
With Democrats in charge of the legislature for the last sixty-plus years, there has been very little compromising. What we have seen is Democrats getting their way 99% of the time, and the state leading the nation in Medicaid funded births.
There is no mystery here. The Democratic Party is doing to New Mexico what they have done to cities of Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore, along with the states of Illinois, California and many other locales.
Don’t look for a single major news outlet in the state to tell the truth on what ails New Mexico. All major media outlets in the state suffer from a legion of journalists with no clue....thanks to the public education system that is run by……you guessed it, the Democrats.