MSNBC provides all too predictable cover for Rice

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Susan Rice
You have to shake your head. Not more than two hours after posting to column just below on Susan Rice, a review of what is cooking at MSNBC pops up on Newsbusters. Animal Farm's real life pigs in 2017 have a propaganda ministry. And it did not take long for that ministry to respond to the obvious.....Susan Rice is a prop and serial liar. You can read the defense of Rice by clicking right here.
It would seem that anyone who objects to her telling bald-faced lies is a racist and a sexist.

Susan Rice Unmasked

Susan Rice, a professional prop

© 2016 Jim Spence - George Orwell wrote Animal Farm in 1945. It was required reading when I was in school. Often the principles in the book were taught to us students by anti-communist Democrats. My oh my… things have changed. 

Orwell wrote the book as an allegory in the hopes of illustrating in simple terms how socialists/communists gradually create lawless dictatorships. In the book, the pigs in power oppress all of the other animals and engage in bloody tyranny until their opposition is destroyed. The Animal Farm story mirrors the events of the Russian Revolution, which turned into a dictatorship under Lenin. Eventually Joe Stalin, perhaps the most prolific murderer in history succeeded Lenin. A Stalin admirer, Mao is perhaps the only rival to Stalin in terms of sheer number of human beings killed. Naturally, Mao also pitched “the greater good” of socialism to the people. The estimates of political murders in Russia and China exceed fifty million. Sadly, history is not well framed or taught anymore so few people realize that the most famous killer in world history, Adolph Hitler, also an ardent anti-capitalism socialist, killed "only" a “few million people.” Hitler killed nowhere near as many people as Mao or Stalin.

It is a non-coincidental side note that both the USSR and The People’s Republic of China utterly failed economically while purporting to serve the greater good. Mass starvation was setting in in China by the mid-1970’s when Mao died. In Mao's aftermath, China continues to embrace tyranny, but has conceded on economics that socialism does not work.
All you have to do is fast forward in time to the 21st Century to find three more examples of ardent anti-capitalists who are killing their countrymen for political reasons. Economic collapses and socialism/tyranny go hand in hand. As this is written, the late socialist dictator Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela is imploding. Pregnant Venezuelan women are fleeing to neighboring Columbia to have their babies because their doctors at the hospitals in Venezuela do not have the tools to provide basic care. Cuba and North Korea are also socialist countries where suppression, oppression, and political killings by the state are a way of life. This is the system Bernie Sanders wants to adopt. Go figure.

In Orwell’s profound Animal Farm allegory, the pigs are the socialists. The pigs use every dirty trick in the book to gain and hold power. Most especially, the pigs lie to the other animals about the reasons why they are doing everything they do. For the pigs, everything is about power. Everything is political.

This week we witnessed the re-emergence of professional prop, Susan Rice. Rice is a former national security adviser to Mr. Obama. More important, Rice is famous for her willingness to tell public lies. Accordingly, Rice is a fabulous tool for America's piglets. Rice will pretty much lie about anything to help the pigs hold on to power.......power they suddenly feel is beginning to slip away.

Perhaps the reason why pigs in modern day America use Rice to tell high profile lies is because there is nothing more sympathetic in this politically correct world, than an attractive and soft-spoken black woman. Yes, one has to be careful calling any high profile black woman a liar. One runs the risk of being labelled a “racist.” Accordingly, there is nothing the mainstream media wants to do less than thoroughly investigate the latest dubious claims of Rice. This is due to the possibility they might conclude she is lying again. The media has no interest in the truth if a lie serves their political leanings.

Amazingly, Rice boldly inserted herself into the increasingly high profile search for the person in the Obama White House who became privy to interceptions of the communications of the Trump team. Yes, Rice jumped into the middle of the fray when she told a whopper of a lie to tyranny sympathizer Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC. Rice confessed it was her request of the “name” of a participant in the transcripts she read. She claims it was part and parcel to her, um, get this.......regular course of business as a lame duck national security adviser.

Um……Sorry Susie. The FBI conducts investigations involving American citizens suspected of committing crimes or of acting as agents of foreign powers. Rice was not an FBI investigator. Besides the FBI, the CIA and the NSA would also be responsible for the details of any investigation as well as the need for an identity to be revealed. In fact, these three agencies, purely for political reasons, were ordered to conduct a second bogus “Russian” probe before rushing a joint report to the market in January……before Obama left Washington.

Here is the point. If it had been critical to know the identities of Americans who became incidental to these politically motivated foreign/domestic intelligence probes, these agencies would have confidentially “unmasked” the identities of the Americans, NOT Susan Rice.

Take notice. Cleverly, Rice inserted herself into this situation. Rice seems to be willing to fall on the sword in an effort to protect the scheming pigs at the top of the American Animal Farm hierarchy. The problem for America of course, is the army of the pig sympathizers in the media. They won't challenge Rice on her absurd claims.

Some people wonder why America is polarized. Not me. I read Animal Farm.