Liars always change their stories

© 2016 Jim Spence - It would seem that Susan Rice’s penchant for telling bald-faced lies may not have any limitations. However, it is her good fortune that her name may come off the front pages of the newspapers for a few days thanks to Donald Trump enforcing the red line Mr. Obama actually drew in Syria.
Incredibly, Susan Rice has changed her story 180 degrees as the investigation into criminal behavior at the Obama White House continues.
Susan Rice at first pretended she had no idea what anyone was talking about when asked about Democrats using the eavesdropping capability of the intelligence community on their political opponents. However, as the truth trickles out, the facts are forcing Rice to concede she actually signed the documents that sought to unmask the identities of Trump team members, that had in fact been eavesdropped on.
Yes, Rice has already backtracked on her ignorance claims. Now she is defending the actions she previously claimed she was ignorant citing her national security duties.
Susan Rice's lies are in black and white. She got them printed in a newspaper. Rice wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post last month blasting Donald Trump when he charged the Obama administration with eavesdropping during the presidential campaign.
Consider Rice’s own evolving version of the events. Here is the direct quote from her op-ed piece:
“The foundation of the United States’ unrivaled global leadership rests only in part on our military might, the strength of our economy and the power of our ideals, it is also grounded in the perception that the United States is steady, rational and fact-based. To lead effectively, the United States must maintain respect and trust. So, when a White House deliberately dissembles and serially contorts the facts, its actions pose a serious risk to America’s global leadership, among friends and adversaries alike.”
Serially contorts facts? Check out the trail of lies and fact contorting by Rice since that piece ran.
When it became clear that the communications of Donald Trump and his associates were captured in what the White House insisted was innocent foreign surveillance, just one day after her op-ed piece Rice went on Democrat-friendly PBS to deny that she did what she would later admit that she did do. Rice said this of the stunning revelations, “I know nothing about this……no White House can order the surveillance of another American citizen. That can only come from the Justice Department with the approval of a FISA court.”
Of course, the investigative digging continued through the end of March and into April. On Tuesday this week it became clear Rice was the official at the White House who had requested the “unmasking.” This means not only had Rice read the transcripts of the eavesdropping on the Trump team, she actually demanded that the identities of the participants be revealed to her by signing a document.
Are you kidding me?
Suddenly what Rice said she knew nothing of on March 22nd became something she was intimately familiar with on Tuesday April 4th.
Without flinching, earlier this week Rice poured more lies on the situation when she insisted that what she did was, “not politically motivated.” Naturally, Democratic Party propaganda minister Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC, had no inclination to force Rice to reconcile how she went from "knowing nothing about this," to knowing all about it.
This investigation has evolved to the point where Susan Rice is admitting she requested the transcripts and requested the identities of the participants be revealed to her. However, Rice now insists she didn’t leak this information to her Democratic Party operatives  in the media.

With a straight face Rice said, “I leaked nothing to nobody, and never have and never would.”
Sure you didn’t Susie. Sure you didn’t.