It makes no sense

© 2016 Jim Spence - Since the Trump presidency began, his efforts to clean up America have been somewhat heartening. He has rolled back asinine Obama regulations on businesses and people. Many were examples of government hypocrisy.
Not all of Trump’s efforts have been satisfying. Unfortunately, when Paul Ryan was unable to deliver what he repeatedly promised that the House would do (repeal Obamacare), Trump blamed the GOP members who demanded a real repeal instead of those trying to feed us a pile of Obamacare lite. Spare us the lectures Donald.
And now, there is this Syria situation.
Some people think the Syria situation is complex. It isn’t. I recall getting a call from a member of Steve Pearce’s staff a few years ago. The staffer indicated that the congressman was trying to formulate his own view in the Syrian situation and the staffer was asked to gather input from various people. I offered a cold dose of reality that I am sure did not get far.
What I am about to say about rational Syria policy would never be adopted by any elected American official. Sometimes correct conclusions just “feel” a bit too harsh. Unfortunately, this is the problem with politics. Politics is the only profession where people get rewarded for NOT facing the harshness of reality.
Consider what a child's life is like in most Middle Eastern nations except Israel. In the overwhelming majority of Middle Eastern schools, children are taught to hate America. The conditioning is relentless. Basic values are assaulted starting with freedom of speech and religion. These fundamental principles are ridiculed as a matter of routine.
America, including Donald Trump seems to forget what we are facing in the Middle East. Back in the days when many news magazine programs were informative instead of sham propaganda efforts, the atrocious anti-American brain-washing of Palestinian children was exposed. And of course brainwashing does not only go on in Palestine, it goes on all over the Middle East. Accordingly, there should be no mystery whatsoever why literally tens of thousands of new bloodthirsty terrorists are manufactured in that area of the world every year. It is a place where children are taught that killing innocent people is a way of life and justified by the faith. When some of these children become adults, they slaughter innocents, and most of the rest are at best ambivalent about the loss of life. You saw this on 9-11.
The reason why it makes no sense whatsoever to accept even a single refugee from Syria is because of what we already know about how all men, women, and children from Syria are taught to despise America. All over that part of the world Christians are to be slaughtered, just as they were in their church in Egypt two days ago.
What are we to “do” about this Syrian situation? We Americans, both Democrat, Republican, and independent, recoiled with horror when we discovered that Assad gassed his own people including women and children. It seems that Trump recoiled too. In response, Trump decided to enforce a red line drawn by Obama. Set aside the absurdity that Obama would draw a red line and then do nothing when it was crossed. That is just part of the bigger story of the astonishing incompetence of Obama. The question remains: Should Trump have fired 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria over this situation?
Let's reason with one another here. We have a situation where a nation, Syria, which is actually part of a group of nations, has been poisoning the minds of their people for several generations. Syria has had a system in place that insures millions of people will grow up to hate America. Syria is involved in a civil war where one segment of the population that hates America, is killing another segment of the population that also has been indoctrinated to hate America. Sadly, this includes virtually all men, all women, and all children in both areas. My question is this. With all of the implications of this reality, is the fact that these American hating populations are killing one another, one of the biggest problem on our plate?
Admittedly the situation in Syria is very sad. However, all around the world there are many things that are sad. In Nigeria a few years ago two hundred young school girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram, a group that also hates America. It was and still is horrific to think about. It is right to be sad. But it is wrong to be stupid because you are sad.
In America, we have solvable problems that are going unsolved while we are taking unnecessary risks to save people who hate America from other people who hate America. It makes no sense.