Strange consequences indeed

© 2016 Jim Spence - You have to shake your head too often these days. Memories of the Obama administration dancing with Russia’s Putin and Medvedev linger, as do the Clinton’s shady financial dealings with Russian companies. Both Hillary and the Russian business people used the power of the State Department to pad their pockets.
Since her historic defeat, there have been many stories written about the Trump victory over Hillary Clinton. Many have been built around the theme of how shocking her loss was to the average Democrat. If you think her loss was shocking to the average Democrat, we should consider how shocked the elitist Democrats were. In the aftermath of their stunning defeat, there was a wide range of responses by Dems. The Dem’s best responses went back to the primary season. If Bernie Sanders did one thing besides call on voters to transform the U.S. economic system into one that performs more like Venezuela, he also exposed how corrupt and dislikable Hillary Clinton was. Bernie, along with Wikileaks, demonstrated just how UN-democratic the Democrat Party was when it came to rigging their primary system with super delegates and faux debates. Accordingly, many Democrats privately conceded that Hillary was an awful candidate who only inspired a tiny sliver of the population, those bent on getting a female, any female, into the Oval Office. The unions understood how disinterested Hillary was in their jobs. They voted Trump. More important, white women loathed the way Hillary threw them under the bus with her contrived racial game plan that necessarily had to make all whites accept guilt for things done by other white human beings seven or eight generations ago. Some Dems tried to blame resistance to Hillary on anti-women sentiment even when she could not carry a majority of votes in her own identity group……white women. It is the no pun intended, elephant in the room.
Russia Collusion Narrative

As November of 2016 fades, it has been truly astonishing to see Dems cling to the, “Trump colluded with the Russians” narrative. It has also been a costly blunder. Former Obama and Clinton stooge Susan Rice, the woman who went on the media circuit to cover for the bungled Benghazi situation that led to three American deaths, inserted herself into the Russian narrative in a way that made it pretty clear she was on the point of the Trump surveillance and felonious leaks to the press. Her day of reckoning is coming. Rice figures to be taking the 5th amendment soon.

Last week the entire Russian collusion narrative came crashing down when Trump fired tomahawk missiles into Syria and also accused the Russians of participating in the gas attack that slaughtered innocent people there. The cozy relationship between Putin and Medvedev and Hillary and Obama now stands in stark contrast to the heightened military tensions between Trump and our Russian adversaries.
It all makes you wonder about who is formulating strategy at the top of the Democratic Party. Perhaps the asinine decision to go with the Russian ruse is a sign that there is not a scrap on intellectual honesty left in the party, only a stack of worn out "ism" accusations to trot out to try to make people feel guilty enough to vote Democrat. Yes, trite charges of sexism and racism have worn so thin even the Democrats decided they need to re-invent themselves as anti-Russian. This too comes with a price tag as do all ruses. The Russian ruse has made it difficult for most Democrats to question a highly questionable decision by Trump to fire tomahawks into Syria.

Strange consequences indeed.