Bill McCamley: An example of what is ailing Dona Ana County and New Mexico

© 2016 Jim Spence - Normally I listen to music in my car. My phone has my music collection on it and it connects automatically via Bluetooth wireless when I start the car. Monday my phone was on the charger at the office when I ran a couple of errands, so I switched on the radio.
Listening to the KOBE AM 1450 the news came on and suddenly I was listening to Bill McCamley. McCamley was allowed by KOBE to offer his views about the budget impasse in Santa Fe. In typical McCamley fashion he distorted reality to fit his false narrative.
The fact that Dona Ana County keeps sending economic illiterates like Bill McCamley to Santa Fe helps explain why Dona Ana County, with all the natural advantages we have, continues to be one of the most impoverished counties in America. For some odd reason the news people at KOBE decided to provide a forum for McCamley to engage in raw partisan indoctrination. He did so as the KOBE news staffer disguised the piece as a news story.
What was almost comical was that in this so called news story, McCamley was lecturing about the budget impasse’s impact on local businesses. The comedy lies in the fact that McCamley knows very little if anything about business, local or otherwise. I have interviewed Bill McCamley a few times. When it comes to what is best for business, he is about as clueless as they come. McCamley once told me he sold a few t-shirts out of the trunk of his car. He offered this assertion as proof of his business acumen. Basically, McCamley has been getting his living money from various forms of government his entire adult life. In exchange for his wages, he votes for poverty perpetuating policies every time.
McCamley suggested in this "news" piece that Governor Martinez was going to destroy NMSU, which was an absurd lie. It went unchallenged as there was no input at all from the governor’s office on the story.
Here is the real problem that continues to never be addressed. Consider America's ten cities (over 250,000 in population) with the highest poverty rates. Detroit, Michigan which is 1st on poverty rate list hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1961. Buffalo, New York is #2. Buffalo hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1954. Cincinnati, Ohio #3 has had no Republican mayors since 1984. Cleveland, Ohio, not since 1989. Miami, Florida has never had a Republican mayor. St. Louis, Missouri #6 not since 1949. El Paso, Texas is #7. El Paso has never had a Republican mayor. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is 8th, not since 1908. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania #9, not since 1952. And poor Newark, New Jersey # 10, not since 1907.
Not only is Dona Ana County one of the poorest in the nation, New Mexico itself, while surrounded by prosperous states to the north, east, and west of us, is one of the poorest states in the nation, and most surely the poorest in the southwest. The difference between New Mexico and Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas is clueless anti-business Democrats like McCamley have been running New Mexico into the ground for six or seven decades, while these other states have elected Republican legislatures for long periods of time. Notice a pattern that plagues New Mexico also plagues all of those cities? Poverty and Democrats go hand in hand. Democrats convince poor people to elect them. And poor people stay poor while the businesses in these areas suffer or move on.
No doubt McCamley is a smart guy, when it comes to shaping his preferences for policies that are destined to perpetuate poverty. McCamley always has a boogieman to beat up, and that boogieman is always free enterprise and the business community. Of course this is the very nature of Democrats. They always do things to destroy businesses except for crony capitalists who siphon off government funds.
What is a joke is that KOBE would play McCamley’s words as if he is some sort of authority on business people or cares that they make payrolls that keep people from being poor.
It is also no wonder I was thrilled when my phone was re-charged later in the day so the chances of me having to endure the McCamley con game on the radio in Dona Ana County were completely eliminated.