The intellectual disintegration of America - Part 2

© 2016 Jim Spence - By the late 1990’s, it was obvious that the corrosive effects of a sorry public education system had damaged America in ways that were profound. Bill Clinton was allowed by all Democrats and many Republicans to defy the basic tenets of integrity and then tamper with witnesses on taped conversations and encourage them to commit perjury. Clinton himself committed blatant perjury. For Clinton’s breeches of fundamental integrity, he was disbarred. Even lawyers have standards.
However, thanks to pop culture and a culture of gutlessness in Washington, Clinton was not removed from office. Scores of Democrats were caught on the record swearing they would never defend the indefensible Clinton, only to go back on their word and dismiss his crimes as partisan attacks. Of course, the GOP Senate discredited itself too during the Clinton era, just as it continues to do to this very day. Sensing that the nation no longer had the stomach for holding elected officials to the same standard as the little people, GOP senators allowed Bill Clinton to continue to hold the office he had so clearly disgraced and disqualified himself from. The bar was set to ground level for integrity. It is even lower today.
Pop culture continued to accelerate into the abyss when Democrats nominated the most unqualified man in history as their presidential candidate in 2008. Not only had Barack Obama never accomplished much of anything but dope smoking and the exploitation of racial paranoia, he had claimed many times on his student financial aid applications to be foreign born. Obama maintained his foreign born assertions until it was clear that he was ineligible to run for president because he was, as he claimed.....foreign born.
Pop culture's reaction to Obama lying about his citizenship (either way) was not to realize he would say or do anything that was in his interests at the moment. Instead, all of the documents Obama signed that affirmed he was foreign-born somehow became not his lies, but falsehoods told by people derisively labelled as “birthers.” In the Democrat-dominated media up was down and hot was cold. Instead of insisting Obama admit which tale he told was a lie, he got a pass. This all took place when Hillary pointed out the discrepancy in 2008, not the GOP.
Of course nobody knows which tale Obama told about his place of birth was a lie. And perhaps not even Obama knows where he was born. However, since Obama lied at least once about this, it is clear that at best, he would lie without hesitation when it was convenient.
Obama was also the man who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for sixteen years. There Obama and his wife went along with a constant flow of anti-Semitic and anti-American ranting. The Obama’s got a pass on this behavior too. Again this is what a politically motivated public education system does to pop culture. It mass produces zombies who ignore facts.
What unfolded during the eight years of the Obama presidential terms was the greatest unveiling of hypocrisy in the history of the nation. Not only did Mr. Obama and his surrogates do everything they could to destroy basic values that made America the most powerful and prosperous country on earth, the putrid rotting of pop culture in America became obvious during his reign.
The most puzzling double-standard any culture has ever witnessed took place under Obama. Anyone who began watching late-night talk shows in the 1960’s understands that all talk show hosts until 2009 made fun of every president during their comedy monologues. This was done without exception with all presidents, Democrats and Republicans alike. This tradition came to an abrupt stop when George W. Bush left the White House and the Obamas moved in. Somehow, telling any jokes about Obama became off limits. Comics were completely intimidated by the racially paranoid pop culture our failed education system had created. For the first time in American history, comedians were unwilling to treat the Obamas exactly like they had treated everyone else. It was so absurd it was startling. Yep. They got a pass.
Ultimately Jay Leno began to break ranks with all the other “comedians” when he started telling Obama jokes a few years before the end of his second term. This quickly got Leno crosswise with the Democratic political hacks disguised as executives at NBC. Despite the fact that Leno’s ratings soared, eventually Leno was forced out at NBC. It is a sign of just how poisoned NBC is.
Sometimes it is difficult to grasp the how much erosion of a free and independent press and entertainment industry there has been. Thanks to a failed education system, journalists and entertainers have melded themselves to our rancid pop culture, which is at best uninformed, and nauseatingly misinformed. All we ever saw from the press (minus Fox) during the Obama era was an unwavering adoration for Obama. All of the free passes he received skewed everyone’s sense of reality. In fact, the emergence of Fox News over the last twenty years is nothing more than a symptom of just how out of touch the rest of the media had gotten. Fox, a blatantly pro-Republican network, immediately stood in such stark contrast to the rest of the news media, which had become blatantly pro-Democrat. You have to scratch your head that journalism is completely dead. And sadly, we did this to ourselves by neglecting what has been going on in our schools for decades.
The emergence of Trump and the shameless treatment of Trump are both living proofs that journalism is dead. In watching how the media covers Trump, we see everything we need to know about how dead journalism is. Trump gets crucified daily in pop culture. If you watch useless pop culture stooges like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, and particularly the way they have rediscovered their testicles when it comes to presidential jokes, you began to grasp the magnitude of the hypocrisy that swirls around all aspects of our existence. Suddenly, these pop culture eunuchs and many others are going after Trump with reckless abandon. It is this incredible contrast between the free passes for Obama and the all-out assault on Trump, that helps you understand how much fanaticism there is in public education, the Democratic Party, and accordingly, in American pop culture these days.
How asinine has America become? Earlier this week the Boston Globe reported that a group of graduate students at Harvard University decided it would be appropriate to host a separate graduation ceremony for black students………”the Black Commencement 2017 ceremony will take place on May 23, two days before regular commencement exercises, and it is open to those receiving their degrees from Harvard’s many graduate schools.”

Nobody in the media seems to realize that George Wallace became an infamous rogue for advocating what these students now advocate. “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever,” Wallace said. 
In 21st Century warped America, hot is cold, up is down, and segregation is good.
Got it?