Everything should be free!

© 2016 Jim Spence - Consider how little the average American knows these days. A bad education system has produced bad journalism. And bad journalism now supports and helps perpetuate a bad education system. What we see is an endless negative feedback loop.
Many of us find ourselves scratching our heads too often. My previous two-part column dealt with the intellectual disintegration of America. Sadly, the points I tried to make in those columns get affirmed every single day in the news reports.
Speaking of negative feedback loops. Think about Bernie Sanders wife Jane and her bankrupting of the Burlington College in Vermont. Did Jane Sanders engage in fraud or stupidity? When you pretend you know something about prudent management, it has to be both fraud and stupidity. Vermont is over-run with both. The Sanders are all the evidence we need.
Think about Bernie’s popularity on college campuses and in large metro areas. Bernie can be heard railing against all forms of free market capitalism while calling for everything to be “free” in America nearly every day. Bernie, like millions of Americans, has no idea how goods and services are created or successfully provided. And worse yet, Bernie and his millions of devotees have no idea that what he calls for, will destroy the availability of goods and services in America. All Bernie knows is what he wants. And what Bernie pretends is that everything he wants for himself and his devotees can somehow be free.
It is one of the great scandals of 2017 that there is virtually no U.S. media coverage of the self-inflicted economic tragedy taking place in Venezuela every day. Pregnant Venezuelan women cross their borders when they are close to term, simply so they can have their babies under basic care in Columbia. They do so because Hugo Chavez, the anti-capitalism Marxist of Venezuela (and his successors) said everything would be “free” in Venezuela including hospital care. Here is the reality. Nothing is free. People have to work to produce things. Thanks to Bernie Sanders-like thinking, the hospitals inside Venezuela cannot even provide basic care for pregnant women. Thanks to Sanders-style socialism, Venezuela has squandered every advantage it had, including once being among the top energy producers in the world. People are starving in Venezuela. But don’t look for the socialists in the U.S. media to connect the dots for their viewers. This is bad journalism.
Nobody bothers to tie the ongoing Venezuelan tragedy to the policies American Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and yes oh yes……Barack Obama pine for in the U.S. every day.
The story is simple. Venezuelan socialists nationalized everything a couple of decades ago. They made government as big as it could possibly be. Now the country is enduring bloody food riots every day. Only the socialist politicians in Venezuela get the food and medical care they need. The masses have been reduced to fighting for scraps. But there are no profits in Venezuela. Instead, the shortages of everything are “free.” Starvation is free.
It is the same story in North Korea. The North Korean people starve while their socialist dictator runs an international extortion racket. Ditto for Cuba where living standards are a complete disgrace. The only thing socialism produces in abundance is garbage. Sadly, some people develop a taste for garbage. It is the cuisine of choice on college campuses all over America.
Long gone are the days when American students were taught that the three most maniacal mass murders in human history all called for socialism and raged against free market capitalism. The common weapon associated with the trail of more than 100 million dead human beings who were killed by Stalin, Mao, and Hitler is that in Germany, China, and Russia, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao used big government as a weapon against free market capitalism. Hitler actually called it “Jewish capitalism.” Their rhetoric on economics mirrors that of Bernie Sanders.

Would Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren slaughter millions of innocent people like Mao, Hitler, or Stalin? It seems unlikely. These people aren't killers they are just stupid. What these two stooges would do is exactly what Jane Sanders did when she was in charge of Burlington College. They would destroy the availability of living standards for everyone including those tenured college professors who seem so enamored with Bernie, Betty, Hillary, and Barry at Burlington.
It is sad that so few Americans understand this. We brought this on ourselves.