A multi-trillion dollar con

© 2016 Jim Spence - Yesterday Donald Trump said he represents Pittsburgh not Paris. Hold that thought.

A couple of years ago, for the first time in decades, Lake Michigan froze over. It takes many days of bitter cold to cause that huge body of water to freeze. If you have lived sixty-one years, as I have, you begin to notice that our misinformed news media handles things differently now. The same old things are hyped as noteworthy, while the incredible story of Lake Michigan freezing solid goes pretty much unreported. For the first forty years or so of my life, we had lightning (we had it again last night), rain (ditto), and strong winds (ditto). We also had tornadoes, hurricanes, cold spells, winter storms, blizzards, the occasional Indian summer in the fall, and yes even some heat waves. Check the Weather Channel sometime and you will see the Democrats who dominate it not just hyping the weather news for ratings. No, this NBC-owned channel does much more than simply exaggerate to keep viewers tuned. All of these normal weather events that have been occurring quite naturally for millions of years are classified by the Democrats at the Weather Channel as evidence of “climate change.”
Of course “climate change” used to be called “global warming” until every single prediction made by every single government grant slurping researcher turned out to be a pipe dream. To perpetuate the Democrat’s narrative that the earth is being damaged by fossil fuels, in the face of failed predictions, Democrats have resorted to referring to events related to the four seasons, and all other noteworthy weather events (and many that are not noteworthy) as, “climate change.”
The climate change narrative is not just carefully designed to mislead, it is actually being manipulated by scoundrels to milk the public treasury Sadly, the gullible and uneducated public is swallowing this con hook, line, and sinker. All academic papers containing very powerful evidence that has already highlighted all of data fraud and the global warming prediction failures, are being squashed by grant thirsty "researchers." Instead of facing facts about their interpretation of data, Democrats continue to insist on using contrived propaganda to convince Americans to hate coal, hate natural gas, and hate oil. You see, Democrats want you to hate these things even if you like it when your electrical power is reliable, your new I-phone gets made and delivered to you, your computer runs, there is food at the grocery store, and your car takes you where you want to go.
Donald Trump called BS on the climate change hoax yesterday when he said he was not going to damage the U.S. economy simply to go along with the socialist's pretend game. And of course all of the Democrats in Europe, along with help from the chimps working at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post and virtually every local newspaper in the country.....went ballistic. Apparently an endless supply of bogus predictions on rising seas and crop failures, due to the use of fossil fuel, cannot satisfy their desire to engage in self-delusion. Accordingly, anyone who actually cites all of those preposterous predictions of catastrophe that never materialized, is labelled as a “denier.” Where is Torquemada when you need him?
Put me in the denier camp. Seeing is believing and facts are facts. The geological record shows that the earth has been evolving for millions of years. Climate change is normal. Man-made global warming is not a scientific fact, it is a multi-trillion dollar scam involving “scientists” who trot out ridiculous predictions, gather up grant money, and then, obscure the fact that they simply keep getting their predictions all wrong.
There is a political beauty to this con job for any Democrat who is running for any office. Thanks to a failed education system and the millions of uninformed fools it has produced, Democrats can embrace stupid ideas that have been proven false, and not be held accountable for being dumb. Instead, every single day an army of con artists in the media will try to convince you Trump is the devil. He isn't. The people who keep trying to cram this con down America's throat are.