Democrats are Looking for Mr. Goodbar

© 2016 Jim Spence - The Democrats loved the Clinton presidency, but most blindly loyal Democrats still don’t know why they loved the Clinton years beyond the fact that he won two consecutive terms. Clinton did something that had not been done by any Democrat since FDR. He won not once, but twice. When you experience that sort of a drought, you just want to win.
What history does not teach, because history is taught mostly by Democrats, is that Clinton’s success was based on his unique ability to REJECT all the dumb ideas that Democrats tend to coalesce around. We are talking about the kind of ideas that are now creating chaos in Venezuela, where the citizens are finding out what it is like when the government runs everything and makes promises it can’t possibly keep. 
Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich worked together to pass welfare reform. Clinton said, “the era of big government is over,” as he signed the bill. Well not quite. He never believed it was over, he just said it. And when the end of big government policies worked, Clinton took most of the credit, without mentioning that the private sector was scoring all of the points.
Still, it is important to consider all the one term Democrats since WWII. Harry Truman, who drove himself home to Missouri after leaving the White House, never cashed in on his fame like the Clintons or the Obamas. Kennedy was killed by a socialist. LBJ and the hapless Jimmy Carter were both one-term guys.
Why have there been so many one term Democrats since WWII? The Democrats always screw things up more than the GOP when they take the reins of power. And people get mad as hell until they forget and try them one more time. Democrats punish hard workers and they reward those who don’t produce. This explains why after Obama’s two terms were completed, the Democrats had been decimated by the voters. Democrats lost 1,000 legislative seats nationwide, a slew of governor posts, the White House, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives. Oh and by the way, they lost all chances to dominate the Supreme Court for the next thirty years.
If you get away from the dysfunctional cities that line both coasts and the big cities that support gang and drug cultures in the heartland (Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, etc.) most of America flatly rejects what the Democrats peddle. In 2017, Democrat leaders are older than dirt. Pelosi, Sanders, Schumer, Warren, and Feinstein all look like they are ready for adult diapers.
What has been the reaction of the Democrats as they have lost one special election after another with Trump hatred flowing like lava? They are dreaming of another Watergate. In fact Democrats are wishing so hard for a Trump impeachment they are trying to manufacture the required scandal. It isn’t working. Three CNN employees were forced to resign earlier this week for publishing gross lies. All three CNN employees were committed Democrats, which seems to be the sole mindset of journalists these days.
The Democrats conduct is mindful of the role Diane Keaton played in the 1970's film, Looking for Mr. Goodbar. The film depicts a young teacher looking for excitement outside her ordinary life. Keaton’s character flirts with dangerous partners, which is a metaphor for the Democrats flirtation with groups like the cop killing advocates in the Black Lives Matter crowd. She has an affair with an aging married college professor as did the Democrats with Bernie Sanders. The one-night stands went on and on for Keaton in the film, and the coalitions she formed got very seedy. Eventually, Keaton's character wound up engaging in alliances with violent people. It is mindful of the way too many Democrats tried to rationalize the shooting of GOP House Whip Steve Scalise a couple of weeks ago. More than a few Democrats were caught on camera or tape suggesting Scalise got what he deserved. This sort of reckless attitude towards violence is dangerous to everyone.

Eventually, Keaton’s character in Looking for Mr. Goodbar crossed the danger line one too many times, just as Democrats are doing with opposing border security and making open-ended promises to refugees from Christian-hating countries. Democrats flirt with disaster when they demand ZERO enforcement of our immigration laws. Keaton’s character wound up with an ex-convict who attacked her. He didn’t just beat her, he raped her, and then stabbed her until she was dead. The Democrat’s coalition, which contains millions of violent Black Lives Matter types, millions of angry entitlement-oriented socialists like the one who shot Steve Scalise, millions of illegal alien gang member types, and tens of thousands of Islamic radicals disguised as refugees, are a perfect metaphor for what lies ahead. As Democrats search endlessly for Mr. Goodbar……er…..a 21st Century Watergate scandal, their coalition includes people who are threatening to kill others. Lots of others.