Just stand there and take it.

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Just stand there and take it. Essentially this is the demand of the indignant propaganda ministers also known as the mainstream media. This all has materialized in the wake of scandal after scandal regarding what they (major news networks) engage in each day. Specifically CNN has been caught repeatedly in outrageous reporting scams that are nothing more than naked aggression against the person they perceive, because he is not a Democrat, to be their enemy. Of course, we are talking about one Donald Trump.
Caught on camera by increasingly legendary investigative reporter James O’Keefe, CNN producers were shown admitting that they are routinely instructed to smear Donald Trump virtually every day for ratings. It is show business not journalism. Of course, fifty percent of the voting public has known this to be the case for years. I have railed against the propaganda ministry on these pages since the inception of News New Mexico.
The “rules” that CNN and every other major news outlet want you to live by are simple. Just accept the fact that every single story they publish will be slanted. For eight years they ran a publicity protection racket for Barack Obama. Before the Obama love affair they blasted away at George W. Bush every day.
Not only was Obama lavished with praise, the results of one failed Obama policy after another were twisted to make the outcomes seem almost acceptable. Republicans have been demonized as a matter of routine and bullied into acting out of fear instead of the nation’s best interests. You can see this in the GOP Senate, where talk is cheap and egos have no bounds.
How did the journalism profession disintegrate into a sham? The answer is gradually. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. But like all wonderful things, it comes with abuses. The transformation of journalism from unbiased reporting of facts to nearly 100% opinion disguised as news has accelerated in the last twenty years. Prior to the arrival of Fox News, the Democrats held a virtual monopoly in the media. It became so overt and grotesque that Fox saw a huge segment of the market that was being ignored. Despite all the brainwashing efforts, half of the nation knew they were being lied to and Fox figured it out. With arrival of Fox came the the unveiling of the obvious. How could every story be covered so differently at Fox?
To be fair, Fox is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the GOP. But fair is fair. Fox is outnumbered when you consider the fact that ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC, Bloomberg, CNN and almost all major newspapers are completely in the tank for the Democrats. It would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic.
Donald Trump now calls these networks the “enemies of the state.” No doubt these are very harsh words. Chuck Todd of NBC says Trump is engaging in a war on the “truth.” Todd of course considers himself an apostle of the truth, despite the fact he is part of the sham.
This week CNN reporters are expressing concern for their safety and they are blaming Trump’s harsh rhetoric. Poor little things. He won’t just accept his role as their punching bag. No, Trump won’t just stand there and take it. He hits back and half the nation applauds. Well what do you know? There is hope. The bullies are getting punched.