"Fake" is everywhere

© 2016 Jim Spence - Independence Day is here. America finds itself in the most bizarre circumstances. There is a collective hatred of Donald Trump in pop culture the likes of which has never been seen. Democrats openly hate him in ways that are almost unimaginable. So many people say such astonishing things.
It does not stop there. The ruling GOP elite, which strangely enough, neither rules, nor is elite, can’t stand Trump either. Elected GOP officials who hang out in Washington won’t lift more than a finger to fix our problems. Perhaps it is for fear that Trump might get credit......or they will get the blame from pop culture. Those of us who pay attention to all of this simply shake our heads every day.
One of my friends used to say that in America we have a rule. “Anything worth doing, is worth over-doing.” And with this American penchant for overreach, comes a conundrum. Not everything is phony these days. But almost everything is phony. Hollywood purportedly abhors violence, but Hollywood sells violence every day in the theaters. Not only does the American entertainment industry sell violence by the bushel, it does so while pretending to be morally superior.
The news media now refuses to be independent reporters of the facts. Instead, while pretending to present facts, the news media actually advocates a wide range of very bad public policies that are proven failures because it is the collective opinion that socialism is good despite all the evidence to the contrary.
The education system has morphed from teaching fundamental truths to brainwashing kids to oppose free market capitalism. Curiously, public education officials wonder why home schooling has proliferated. We have a friend that works at a university nearby where budget cuts have been a way of life the last five years. He told us there were several of his colleagues touring Hawaii on the government dime last week. It seems that the cash strapped university still has departments that empty out the remainder of their reserves near the end of the fiscal year to avoid facing budget cuts. The idea that all the fat has been trimmed from higher education is a sham.
Republicans pretend they understand the insidious nature of government over-reach, but cannot unite and govern around such a basic principle as stopping over-reach. Most Republicans who go to Washington in the House and Senate are presidential wannabe phonies. 
Apollo, the dog formerly known as "Trump"
And then of course there is Donald Trump. Trump was such a crass showman, such a ridiculous exaggeration, that when my little labradoodle puppy arrived with the name “Trump” on his name tag in 2012, we changed his name. We have never been fans of the phony also known as Donald Trump. However, when faced with the idea that Hillary Clinton would occupy the White House and name Antonin Scalia’s replacement on the Supreme Court, we held our nose and voted for Donald Trump.
The point to be made here is pretty simple. Almost everything you see out there these days is phony. Hollywood actors, actresses and producers are mostly fakes. They sell the same things they decry. GOP Senators are a bunch of phonies. They swore the first thing they would do if America elected a GOP president was repeal the ACA (Obamacare). They have done no such thing. Public education is a crass system designed to promote socialism and undermine free market capitalism. Heck, even the Weather Channel tries to con us. The dangers of every storm are promoted for ratings. Their meteorologists promote the idea that we should build our lives around our ability to contain the variability of weather patterns. There is sort of baloney being shoved our way every day.
Late night talk show hosts, who have made fun of every president, refused to lay a finger on Obama for eight years. Now they are back, lampooning Trump every day. Fakes.
Let’s finish up by explaining the Trump phenomenon. Trump is show business. He is just like every other segment of society hoping for influence (Hollywood, the news media, primary and secondary education, the GOP Senate etc.). It is all just show business. Every other influence-seeking segment of society hates Trump because he is show business too. I suppose most of these types think we don’t know they are all fakes too.
Some might wonder how anyone can defend Trump. Actually it is pretty easy. At least Trump has signed a few intelligent executive orders rolling back the idiocy of the Obama years. And at least Trump has proposed a number of very helpful public policy changes.....which are now stuck in the do-nothing GOP Senate. Trump is popular with millions of Americans because millions of Americans are sick of all the phonies out there. It takes a phony to fight a phony system seems to be the idea. Trump seems to be the only one trying to get something done. Those who hate Trump seem to do so because they hate him more than they love America. It’s a tough 4th of July. Watching fake unfold every day is no fun.