The United States Senate

© 2016 Jim Spence - A person would be hard-pressed to locate 100 people in one location who are more self-centered, ego maniacal, and astonishingly arrogant than those who refer to themselves as United States Senators. It is virtually impossible to overstate the gulf between what these 100 people are actually worth and what they think they are worth.
For seven long years New Mexicans listened to GOP Senators from other states promise over and over that on “day one,” when Republicans regained control of the White House, they would repeal Obamacare. Most Americans realize that Obamacare is a bureaucratic monstrosity that is wrecking both the quality and pricing of health insurance for millions of Americans. It has been a great financial atrocity that those Americans who actually set aside money in their family budget to PAY for their own health insurance are getting screwed daily because the GOP Senators are no better than Democrat Senators who also refuse to fix this horrific problem.
Senators have a curious way of making decisions as to what they will support and oppose. They don’t actually care what works or what fails. And they will often vote against what they said they would support five minutes earlier.
GOP Senators are particularly infuriating these days. While they talk a good game at their fundraisers, ultimately they do not care how all-encompassing the control by Washington D.C. becomes when it comes to running the lives of Americans who are more than capable of running their own lives. There is a fundamental truth here. GOP Senators are cold calculating bastards who serve themselves first, last, and always.
The system stinks. Senators live lives that are all about unearned privilege. They don’t pay for much of anything. Instead, practically everything Senators need is paid for by someone else. So many Senators go to Washington with very little, only to retire five or six terms later with great gobs of money. Retired New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman is a prime example. Bingaman and his wife milked the system like few others ever have.
Last week a really bright man, Jamie Dimon, who is the CEO at J.P Morgan, admitted it is actually embarrassing to be an American who travels abroad. He indicated this is true because of all the stupid excrement (I cleaned up what he actually said) that goes on in Washington. What Dimon was alluding to is all the really simple things that could be done to solve problems in America……that never get done. Again, I think you need look no further than the U.S. Senate for an explanation as to why America cannot do even the most simple things like tax reform and health care reform.
GOP Senator Mitch McConnell is supposedly the majority leader of the Senate. He is neither. He cannot lead and he has no majority. How this guy continues to head up the GOP in the Senate speaks volumes for what the criteria is to be voted in as a Senate “leader.”
And of course here in New Mexico we contribute mightily to the dysfunction in Washington D.C. in general and the Senate in particular. In Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, New Mexico sends two of the most deceptive and disgraceful politicians to ever occupy public office to a place where 100 of the most disgraceful politicians from other states congregate. Udall and Heinrich do nothing but fundraising when they are not telling bald-faced lies and pissing away other people’s money.