What Americans Want

© 2016 Jim Spence - It takes serious reflection to make sense of all the puzzling things that have taken place in America over the last ten months.
GOP primary voters elected an outsider in Donald Trump to head a winning ticket last year. The GOP wins did not stop with Trump. The GOP scored big victories in the House and Senate. The Trump stunner also resulted in Neil Gorsuch going to the Supreme Court instead of yet another progressive stooge. There were major scores in governor’s races and state legislatures all over the country. Special elections since the Trump ascendancy have seen the GOP score more impressive victories over insanely well-funded Democrats. In short, the Democrats have been decimated.
The win by Trump was bigger than advertised. He never tried to win "popular votes" in cesspools like California, Oregon, and Washington, where socialist rot has set in and the GOP does not even field candidates for Senate races. Instead, Trump won the critical contested states. He wound up carrying sixty percent (30) of the states. Trump also won the vast majority of counties in the U.S.
Here is the point. You would think the GOP would be thrilled to be so broadly accepted by the U.S. voters. Instead, the GOP alternates between gross irritation and timidity mixed with fear. It is clear that far too many elected officials and staffer Republicans in Washington D.C. have been trained to piss and moan instead of lead.
Meanwhile, the Democrats haplessly rage every day. They are led not by their shattered and discredited leadership, but by asinine advocates in the news media. Disguised as journalists, the major networks and newspapers serve up Trump hatred by the bushel twenty-four hours a day. It is an onslaught the likes of which nobody has ever seen from our news media. The media runs undocumented stories as a matter of routine. Citing “anonymous sources” has become a way of life during the Trump assault.
It is quite comical that the Democrats are puzzled by why they have lost the American heartland. The DNC is actually conducting studies to learn more about the strange folks who live in obscure places like Indiana and Nebraska instead of hip places like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco where rioters destroy public and private property to protest their loss to Trump while Democrat leaders shrug.
Somebody should send the Democrats a memo. It should read as follows: 
Most Americans do not believe that global warming is the greatest threat to America. Most people think it is a joke for most Democrats to keep saying so. What most Americans believe instead, is that higher energy prices, fewer oil and gas industry jobs, higher tax burdens, more onerous and costly government regulations, and outrageously lax border control policies are the greatest threats we face. Most Americans don’t want more "refugees" from places where both sides of warring factions teach all children to hate America.
Very few Americans are buying into the idea that government should promote the interests of people who are not white, by accusing all whites of enjoying some sort of special privileges. Most Americans have made themselves familiar with the plights of whites in Appalachian country who were literally economically destroyed by the idiocies of Obama. Oh yes, and by the way, most Americans know that O.J. Simpson was a murderer who was freed by a jury full of progressive Democrats.
Most Americans want the freedom to select the kinds of health insurance coverage they want….rather than think of themselves as so stupid they need Washington to craft one-size-fits-all health insurance policies for everyone.
Most Americans don’t think grown men dressed like women should be allowed to pee or poop in the same restrooms where their daughters go.
Most Americans know our public schools are failing. Most think those who fight for more taxpayer dollars to be thrown at a failing education system, tend to wind up padding even more lavish pensions for bureaucrats.
When most Americans travel to Europe and see $7 per gallon gasoline prices, they know something is inherently wrong with socialism. They know this regardless of Democrats and their calls for our nation to be more like socialist Europe.
Most Americans know that Democrats have a direct connection to the cop-killing movement known as "Black Lives Matter." They know Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were violent punks who were the aggressors in attacks that led to their demise. They also know twenty Martins and Browns are killed in Chicago every week.
Still the Democrats in media can’t help themselves. They pump out a continuous Trump-hate bombardment each day. 
Sadly, while Trump has rolled back dozens of Obama's stupidest regulations, appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and made other common sense policy changes, he has been vilified behind closed doors, not by clueless Democrats, but by GOP elitists. Even sadder, Trump does little to help himself with senseless twitter barbs tossed in the direction of some of the few loyal men he commands, like A.G. Jeff Sessions.
These are indeed strange times we live in. Democrats don’t have a clue what Americans want and poor Donald Trump is learning that the “art of a deal” is not as easy in a place where nobody works for the nation’s interests but instead, engages in back-stabbing, to fulfill their own petty little wants and needs. Trump himself back stabs too. Integrity and respect are in short supply.