What a filthy way to make a living

© 2016 Jim Spence - You have to hand it to the “ruling elite” in America. They seem to have no fear of the consequences of reneging on agreements. A couple of Republicans come to mind who fit this description, but there are many more people in Washington who have no shame.
The saddest aspect of the travesty we call the federal government, is it is now crystal clear that there is nobody to vote for to fix it. You can’t vote for any Democrat simply because they champion policies that are literally destroying America’s economic vitality.
The GOP was America's last hope. Starting in January, the GOP seemingly had the votes to reverse some of the idiocy that has been foisted on America over the last eight years. In less than eight months the GOP has shifted gears. Now Republicans are telling us we should "lower our expectations." Let's explore this.
Mitch McConnell is seemingly about as crafty as they come. MCConnell thinks nothing of looking the cameras in the eye and saying the GOP will do certain things "immediately" that the GOP has no intention of doing.....ever. And though it is true that most politicians in America will mislead citizens by making false statements about what they will do once they are re-elected, it takes special brass to mislead the way McConnell does. Earlier this week Mitch McConnell was back in his home state of Kentucky. Lecturing his listeners after the most disastrous seven months in Congressional history, McConnell had the unmitigated gall to tell a group that Donald Trump’s “expectations” are too high. It would seem that Trump, like most of the rest of the U.S. population, actually thought the GOP Senators would keep their solemn pre-election commitments. How na├»ve is Trump? Apparently naive enough to believe that people like John McCain and Mitch McConnell were going to keep their sacred word. Why is this naive? It is because with people like McCain and McConnell, nothing is sacred.
Consider John McCain. McCain is arguably the most shameless and remorseless liar in the Republican Party, cancer or no cancer. Perhaps being a POW in North Viet Nam and being re-elected to the Senate for all those terms by Arizona residents, has led McCain to believe that he can promise anything, deliver nothing, and still be treated like he is ultra-special. Of course he is right. Essentially, those characteristics describe most U.S. Senators regardless of party.
After promising to repeal Obamacare to get re-elected, McCain double-crossed his voters and sided with Democrats to keep Obamacare. For his part in the debacle, Mitch McConnell hid behind his own inept leadership as the travesty unfolded while pointing the finger at others. Some people are basically worthless. Others are worse than worthless. It is the height of arrogance to make promises to win elections and then tell those who voted for you to "lower their expectations."
Of course Mitch McConnell is safe in his job for a few more years. And he is happy because he is one of the hundred most arrogant human beings on the planet (a U.S. Senator) and nobody in his adoring inner circle is going to tell him how inept or disgraceful he really is. 
All of this GOP hogwash will probably have consequences soon. Don’t be surprised if McConnell is the minority leader again. Can you say 2018? Instead of serving the people, the GOP has served themselves and will not simply pass laws that repeal others that do not apply to them.
If there is one sure fired way to guarantee low GOP voter turnout, it is to conduct yourself like the GOP Senate has. If people like Mitch McConnell and John McCain were in business, their customers would fire them and take them to court. One GOP donor has actually sued the GOP, accusing Republicans of racketeering. This man is being silly. Doesn't he realize that in Washington, elected officials are in the business of lying, misleading, and finger pointing? These tactics in combination with "incumbency" are not liabilities if you are in politics.
What a filthy way to make a living.