want outsiders to clean up Washington eh?

© 2016 Jim Spence - Sixty percent of the U.S. states and 85 percent of the counties in America voted for a real outsider in Donald Trump. Let those numbers sink in.
Is Trump a real outsider? If you have any doubts, you have not been paying attention. Trump has no political experience whatsoever. It is safe to say this lack of experience shows up quite often. On the other hand, (I sound like an economist) virtually every U.S. Senator has tons of political experience as do most members of the House of Representatives. The cads in Washington have had vast "experience" for my opinion, too much experience milking the system. Trump owes none of the ruling class anything. Hold that thought.
What you have been seeing unfold in America over the last seven months is the exposing of corruption on a scale that boggles the mind. The media is corrupt, the Democrats are corrupt, the Republicans are corrupt, and yes many of America’s biggest business CEO's are corrupt. No wonder Bernie Sanders draws a crowd. Of course Bernie and his fellow communist and wife Jane are as corrupt as they come. Only Bernie and Jane could take a golden parachute from a small college she bankrupted in a very short period of time.
Still, everyone who has not been living in a cave for the last thirty years has known all along that all of Washington is inherently corrupt. What we did not know until now, is just how corrupt Washington is. It took the American heartland's votes for a crass outsider like Trump to create the force necessary to turn over the rocks.
The reason why layer after layer of corruption is being exposed right now is that our our all-powerful federal government and all its benefactors are fighting back hard against Trump the outsider. And we are finding that everyone wielding power in Washington has tools. Serious tools. Virtually all media outlets stick a knife in Trump every day. And government cronies from all walks of life cite bogus news reports as reasons why they can "no longer support Trump."
Wikipedia defines crony capitalism as follows:
Crony capitalism is an economy in which businesses thrive not as a result of risk taken for them, but rather, as a return on money amassed through a nexus between a business class and the political class. ... It is also used to describe governmental decisions favoring "cronies" of governmental officials.
With all that a super-powerful government entails, corruption is practically REQUIRED for survival. In fact, government has become so powerful in America, that crony capitalism has completely replaced virtually all market-based competition. You see this in every failing category of life (education, health care, journalism, etc.)
The all-out propaganda assault on Trump crashes ashore each day like a tsunami that won’t subside. This propaganda tsunami is all about government and its cronies retaining a death grip of "control" on America. It was all triggered by the earthquake Trump created in the political arena. We now know what happens when a president is elected while OWING nobody anything. This has not happened in our lifetimes. And it is not going down well with the entrenched and connected types who are no longer connected.
Don't kid yourself. The ruling class is not going away. They like it when there is decorum.....corrupt decorum. People who cloister around Washington want to be owed whether this president likes it or not. And this perversion does not only involve all of the Democrats in Congress and the news media who are attacking Trump on their behalf. It also involves virtually all GOP Senators and House members, as well as many high-profile corporate CEO’s who eat at and are beholden to those with access to the public trough.
The latest absurd excuse for trying to crucify Trump came after he roundly condemned the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. His problem was he stated the truth. He said he saw fault on all sides. This small nugget of profound wisdom, which recognized that there were extremists on display everywhere in Charlottesville, brought howls from the ever-growing ranks of race-baiters and their apologists, as well as the anti-Trumpers in the GOP.
The simple unspoken truth is this: There are tens of thousands of people who worship Washington who cannot stand the fact Trump does not owe them anything. 
Back to Charlottesville.....Trump saying he saw fault on "all sides" also created an opportunity for priggish crony-capitalists to preen and posture as if they have moral authority. Where were these jackasses when Mr. Obama said law enforcement officers who were simply protecting property in Cambridge, acted “stupid.” Where were they when sixty cops were killed in the final year of Obama’s term, by mostly by Black Lives Matters assassins who receive aid and comfort from Democrats every day? Big Corporate America was also mostly silent on these killings, because cops lives are not nearly as important as staying on the inside with the Obama crowd. This is the essence of cronyism and corruption. You have to slurp up taxpayer dollars at the trough.
Don’t get me wrong. I am no fan of Trump the man. However, I am a big fan of most of the policies that Trump has proposed. Sadly, not just Senate Democrats but Senate Republicans have blocked all paths to improvement for America that would come from basic reforms in the Trump agenda.
As for the fault on both sides claim Trump made this weekend? I am reminded of a Neo-Nazi march in mostly Jewish Skokie, Illinois many decades ago. Those dregs were given a permit by Jewish public officials. And yes, there were violent clashes back then too. Racist dregs have been around for as long as human beings have walked the earth. And it is both true and admirable that our constitution protects free speech.....period. This is not North Korea or Cuba.
The floating standards for judging Trump are finally becoming surreal. When radical Democrats committed violence, as was the case last year when those sixty law enforcement officials were gunned down, mostly by people who vote Democrat, there was never an attempt to micro-analyze the condemnation statements made by Democrats. As for the standard Mr. Obama was held to after he also condemned the violence and the perpetrators of those cop murders.....well.......whatever he said was good enough. And why not? While Obama's rhetoric, like Trump's was over the top sometimes, nobody thought Obama wanted cops killed. That would be stupid. But this is Trump's presidency so bring on the stupid and try to legitimize it.
Once stupid is a way of life in journalism, there is no news anymore…..just overtly political people shaping any event and every event to further their own predetermined agenda. Washington, many corporate CEO's and the powerful but normally stealth ruling elites are showing their backsides. They are not pretty.