They don’t really know how to win

© 2016 Jim Spence - You have to laugh at Republicans these days. They don’t really know how to win. What I mean by this is the GOP wins, but they really don’t know what to do when they win.
Barack Obama was the worst president in the history of the nation. His policies were a disaster for our country. If you are having trouble believing this, take a look at what happened to his party. Over eight years it was destroyed. In my lifetime, the Democrats have not been as out of power at all levels as they are right now. The only things they control are crumbling under their mismanagement.
But Obama knew how to win. He told us he won, and reminded us that his election and re-election mattered. He was sure right about that.
Tell Mitch McConnell what winning means and you get a blank stare followed by excuses. Many of the other GOP Senators and House members behave the same way. Recently the GOP leadership in Congress declared a recess. They quit working after literally doing NOTHING for seven months. It took them forever to simply get Trump’s cabinet nominees approved. After that.....nothing.
Why is this the situation when all we heard before the election last year was the very first thing the GOP was going to do, if Trump beat Hillary, was repeal and replace Obamacare?
There are a few theories out there on why the GOP is so hapless. Let's explore the most plausible one.
Senators and House members are notoriously sensitive to what they “hear” from constituents. The trouble is the GOP elected officials forget who their constituents are. Most GOP voters I know do NOT go to town hall meetings held by their Senators or House members and give these elected officials verbal affirmations. Remember who GOP voters are. They are people who pay for their own health insurance (the expensive crappy insurance Obama invented), they hold down jobs, they raise families, and most important of all, they value their precious spare time. They don't waste their down time stroking the insatiable egos of elected GOP officials. Who does show up at GOP candidate town hall meetings? The answer is pretty much the opposite types of people. Yes, Democrats would be people who go to these charades. They do so in MUCH HIGHER PERCENTAGES than Republicans. Why? They want to get government to pay for their health insurance. They don’t hold down stressful jobs, don’t raise families, and have all sorts of spare time on their hands to be "activists."
Of course I am painting with a broad brush here but......I am reminded of what one of the first requirements for being a conservative is. That would be having something of value to “conserve.”
The amazing thing that has happened over the last few weeks is the way Mitch McConnell has flipped on those who voted for him. The first thing McConnell WAS going to do (repeal and replace Obamacare) has moved completely off of his to-do list. These days the first thing he does is lecture us on how Mr. Trump does not understand how hard it is to actually do the first thing McConnell said he was going to do.
Mind you Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader. This means HE SPEAKS for the GOP when it comes to Senate business. Mix in the dumb sort of things that come out of John McCain’s mouth when he is in between mistresses and chemotherapy, plus various and assorted back stabs of Trump from other GOP Senators who have become miffed that Mr. Trump actually remembers their campaign promises, and “voila” you find yourself laughing at these losers. You also wonder why you half believed what they said last year. The GOP Senators don't like Trump.....fair enough, neither do I. But they don't like their colleagues or their constituents either. I guess when you like yourself so much it is hard to like anyone else.
No folks.......Republicans in Washington really don’t know how to win. They really don’t know what to do when they win. The idea of actually following through on their sacred promises seems almost like an absurd expectation. Only children don't understand the GOP Senate is packed with con artists.
In the meantime, the news media is trying to scam America into thinking that the violent Democrat radicals are blameless when it comes to the divisions in our country and that somehow we were all really "united" before Trump came along. The violent radical left is actually chock full of criminals and America has not been united since James Monroe was unopposed nearly two hundred years ago in seeking a second term.
The good news for the GOP is America’s heartland knows that open borders are a disaster. It also knows that grown men should not be allowed to pee and poop in the ladies room. They also know the GOP voters are not composed of 60 million white supremacists. And most important of all......if the GOP Senate won’t help Trump fix the mess he has on his plate, they know it is because the GOP Senate does not want to fix it. Life is just too easy doing nothing.