Taking a knee

© 2016 Jim Spence - Seven generations ago more than 500,000 men, mostly white, gave their lives to free African Americans held in bondage by southerners, virtually all DEMOCRATS. As recently as 1965, when the U.S. Senate passed landmark Civil Rights legislation, a higher percentage of DEMOCRATS voted against the passage of that law, than Republicans.
You have to hand it to Democrats…..no political party in the history of civilization has reinvented itself more effectively than the Democrat Party in America. Anyone who disagrees with the talking points of 21st Century Democrats is branded a racist. The news media laps the con artist drivel like dogs…..providing an amazing assist to the party of American slavery.
Consider what goes on around the nation and the world. In Zimbabwe, under black rule, President Robert Mugabe says gay people are “worse than dogs and pigs.” In Mexico, there is so little opportunity for people to improve their lot in life they attempt illegal border crossings into the U.S. by the tens of thousands every month. So successful have they become in doing so, the number of Spanish-only speaking people living in the United States has skyrocketed. Sometimes it seems that everyone from everywhere else is trying to escape to America. You can’t blame them. Americans are free.
Somebody should report these facts on freedom to the black NFL players, who have decided there is so much “oppression” of members of their race in America, that kneeling during the national anthem to show their anger over the situation is in order. Yes, there are dozens of recently minted millionaires living in a fantasy world of false victimhood.
Of course there are many African Americans who count their lucky stars they were born here. Heroes like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams know this is true based on their life experiences, including overt racism. However, the voices of reason from Sowell and Williams are stifled for fear by Democrats and their news media buddies, that these brilliant black men will ruin their con game.
Consider the tale of two NFL quarterbacks. Both have virtually been ostracized by all NFL teams. One was a Heisman Trophy winner and the other a Super Bowl runner-up. What got these men in trouble? Everyone knows the story of Colin Kaepernick. He was adopted by white parents and raised in a loving and comfortable home. Kaepernick made millions of dollars in the NFL before league defenses exposed his deficiencies as a quarterback and he exposed his deficiencies in mentally processing basic information. Last year Kaepernick decided to become an “activist.” His cause? He decided to denigrate law enforcement officers everywhere and refer to them as “pigs.” He also decried “white privilege” at every turn. Conveniently, Kaepernick never mentioned the lives of 500,000 white men who gave their all to set slaves free seven generations ago. Needless to say, Kaepernick was exercising his freedom of speech which is the right of every American. And now, NFL owners are exercising their right to not put a player on their team who has outraged ticket purchasing fans in every market. Nobody wants to hire a schmuck.
Sadly, many more black players in the NFL have joined in denigrating the fundamental fairness of America. And it is not a coincidence that the NFL saw its ratings plummet the very same year Kaepernick and his ilk decided to poop in their own punch bowl. Yep, these freshly minted millionaires, in the most free and tolerant nation on earth, decided it might be a good idea to try to injure the golden goose that made them rich.
What about quarterback Tim Tebow? Tebow won a national championship at the University of Florida and the Heisman Trophy ten years ago. As a pro he led the Denver Broncos to an overtime victory in the playoffs, over the Pittsburgh Steelers. What got Tim Tebow in trouble? Like Kaepernick, NFL defenses began to understand his deficiencies as a quarterback. And Tim Tebow annoyed some people with his freedom of worship. Tebow routinely thanks God for all that he has. Tebow has more strange ideas. He does not believe in pre-marital sex. He goes to church. He is openly Christian. Oh, and get this…….are you bracing yourself? He is pro-life.
Now, there is actually a good reason for the outrage of Tebow being pro-life. His mother, who went in for pre-natal tests when carrying baby Tim, was advised in the strongest possible terms to abort him. The reason? He was not going to be “normal.” Tim’s mom chose not to kill Tebow in her womb. And twenty years later, Tim was named the Heisman Trophy winner. It turns out Tebow is really glad his mom didn’t snuff out his life before he could see what he could do on this earth.
Consider the NAACP, who has nothing to say about the ostracizing of the “controversial” Tim Tebow, the millions of poor white people in the Appalachian region, the murders of tens of thousands of young black men, by other young black men in our inner cities, or the millions of abortions of potential Tim Tebows in the black community. The NAACP held a press conference last month to protest the fact that NFL owners have actually exercised their right to react to what Colin Kaepernick can do on the field, including denigrate America on a very fundamental level during the national anthem. It seems that the NAACP doesn’t merely want free speech for Kaepernick, it also wants thought police to force the acceptance of his numerous deficiencies on the NFL team owners.
Make no mistake. Colin Kaepernick is getting precisely what he deserves. The 49ers paid him millions in a free and open market transaction.
Nobody should shed a tear for Tim Tebow. His fate, like all of ours, is in God’s hands. However, there is one thing for sure. When Tim Tebow takes a knee, it is for all the right reasons.