Is America the land of the free and the home of the brave?

© 2016 Jim Spence - Millions of people all around the world want to come and live in America. Thousands have died trying to do so. Tens of millions of people already live here illegally, daring to break our immigration laws for a shot at the American dream.
So the questions begs, why are scores of black NFL and NBA players refusing to respect the national anthem? Ostensibly, it is because these men feel the nation is over-run with white supremacists and bad cops. Let’s think about the national anthem these millionaires have such a big problem with.
"The Star-Spangled Banner" lyrics come from "Defence of Fort M'Henry," which is a poem written two hundred and three years ago. The author, Francis Scott Key, was a witness to the bombardment of Fort McHenry by British ships in my home town Baltimore, Maryland during the War of 1812. Key was inspired by the large American flag, the Star-Spangled Banner, flying above the fort. Most Americans do not know the song was not made the national anthem until March 3, 1931. Most people do not know that just yesterday a Francis Scott Key statue was desecrated by people who are not enamored with America.
The final two lines of the song’s first stanza are worthy of discussion.
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
It would seem that more than a few black NFL and NBA players do not feel that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. They join many others in the Democrat Party who feel the same way.
It seems to me that those who refuse to honor America with a simple show of respect, make a glass is “half empty” versus glass is “half full” argument about our country, including its legacy.
Below are a few relevant questions regarding what are the most significant facts regarding America’s legacy?
  • Is the fact that starting about twenty-four generations ago and ending about seven generations ago, white European slave traders went to Africa and bought black men and women, who were captured and sold into slavery by other blacks, and re-sold to white Americans among the most important facts we should know about America’s past?
  • Is the fact that 500,000 white men fighting on the Union side died to free slaves six generations ago, one of the most important facts in American history?
  • Is the fact that all the white owners in major League Baseball refused to hire black players in America until the late 1940’s more important than the fact that all owners stopped this practice three generations ago……right after Branch Rickey showed them how stupid they were?
  • Is the fact that TODAY the vast majority of white, male-owned investment firms are barred by law from managing public funds in places like Illinois and other Democrat dominated states the basis by which we should judge America?
  • Is the fact that today Asian-American students have to sue dozens of universities all over America for equal admissions treatment, because black and Hispanic students are admitted with lower academic credentials based merely on their ethnicity, proof that 21st Century America is inherently anti-Asian?

Race, race, race. This is all Democrats want in the dialogue except in places like Illinois or in the admissions departments at many major universities. Stoking black and Hispanic paranoia is the goal. This is how you get and keep people to tolerate the scourge of big-government socialism.

The ultimate point here is simple. America is nowhere near perfect. Anyone with a lick of sense already knows this. However, black NFL and NBA players who think America’s glass is half-empty are half-wits. America's fairness glass is more than half full. It is much more than half full. NFL players are paid just under $2 million per year on average. In the NBA the average salary is almost $6.4 million. There are freshly minted millionaires coming into the NFL, the NBA, and in other entertainment industries each year. The list of successful blacks and Hispanic Americans is long and deep. 
Consider the diversity implications of these facts. Only thirteen percent of America’s population is black. Whites make up sixty-three percent of the population. Yet nearly seventy percent of all NFL players are black and nearly seventy-five percent of all NBA players are black. This means blacks are five to six times more likely to secure these incredibly high paying jobs as their overall population numbers would suggest. Whites obtain about one third to one half of the representation in these jobs that their population numbers suggest. The numbers for Asians is astonishingly low.
One of the ways you know there is a racial con going on in America is that we don’t see or hear any of the diversity pimps arguing that the NFL and NBA owners are made up of a bunch of racist black supremacists. And forget about the entertainment industry. No chance.
There is an alternate view to the black supremacist argument, which is of course the correct view regarding business people. All teams in the NFL and NBA want to compete and win. These businesses, like all others, want to survive and prosper. Accordingly, they sign the best players they can get their hands on.
Is America the land of the free? Only a freshly minted multi-millionaire jerk would argue NO, when he or she is free to capitalize on his or her God-given talents and skills developed in.......America. 
Is America the home of the brave? Consider the brave police officers who were murdered in Dallas last year while protecting Black Lives Matters protester’s rights to march and protest. Sadly, it was the pampered, coddled, and violent radicals within the ranks of that evil movement that fomented the murder of the men protecting their rights under……..the constitution.
Ask the question is America the land of the free and the home of the brave at a Democrat Party fundraiser. The eyes will roll. If you persist in asking most will either groan loudly, shout you down, or beat you up.


We never had hurricanes

Jim's note - It is amazing to take in. On a continuous basis, the con job being perpetrated on the general public becomes more and more outraegeous. Democrats, particularly Hollywood types, now routinely pretend that there never were any devastating hurricanes, until the use of fossil fuels became widespread a few decades ago.
Earlier this month there were record cold temperatures recorded in the Great Lakes region of the U.S. But according to the Democrats, climate deniers are supposed to ignore all of the cold temperature data because it does not fit the Democrats narrative that oil and gas companies are "bad."
Legendary cartoonist, and longtime friend of News New Mexico, Tony Branco captures the "settled science" on climate change with this cartoon.