Most Democrats defend, protect, and promote, National Socialists

© 2016 Jim Spence - A couple of deeply disturbing incidents on college campuses in America recently, have illuminated problems that have been festering in America for several decades. These incidents demonstrate how badly America is failing when it comes to preserving our basic freedoms and our fundamental way of life. It is difficult to imagine how.....with everything that is going will end well for us.

Incident #1) A Conservative Jewish political activist, Ben Shapiro made a speech last Thursday night at the University of California Berkeley. A hostile crowd estimated at more than 1,000 outside the speaking venue chanted slogans and cheered counter-speakers who denounced Mr. Shapiro as a get this………”fascist.” Four people were arrested outside the hall where Shapiro spoke for bringing weapons into a six-block zone near the hall, which was heavily patrolled by campus officers and Berkeley police.

The protesters were as ignorant as can possibly be imagined. They carried signs calling the Jewish Ben Shapiro, a Nazi. Calling a Jew a Nazi is um....astonishingly ignorant and stupid. The media completely legitimized this group.

Incident # 2) Recently, a Princeton Constitution Day Lecture was titled, ”‘Fuc_ Free Speech.” It seems that Princeton professor Carolyn Rouse stated that we should………get this…..“Rethink academic freedom and academic values” and that “The way in which free speech is being celebrated in the media makes little to no sense anthropologically. Put simply, speech is costly,” Rouse said. “So, contrary to the ACLU’s statement on their website regarding the role of free speech on college campuses, the academy has never promoted free speech as its central value.” She called for bureaucracy to determine what can and cannot be said. The media looked the other way.

The objective of the Democrat protesters in incident #1 and the Democrat college professor from Princeton in incident #2, are the sort of people that receive political cover every day from elected Democrats and their friends in the media. Let's get to the point here. Democrats are National Socialists. They demand a system where our national government be allowed to control every aspect of life. And they also repeatedly call for free-market capitalism to be completely dismantled. Again, let's call this what it is.......THIS IS NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

For these Democrats to claim that anyone voicing objections to their national-socialism philosophy should be stifled and squelched is scary. And even worse, for these views, which are treated as "mainstream" everyday at universities and media outlets everywhere in America, are perfect examples of the rise of EXTREME NATIONAL SOCIALISM in America.

The uneducated don't have a clue what national socialism actually is. Let me help. Be reminded of a nation in central Europe that hated “capitalist” Jewish business people and also opposed free speech that was not regulated by the higher ups. Once these types gained control in that nation they took care of capitalist Jews and not just the pesky activists like Ben Shapiro. The took care of all Jews. I won’t bother to list the names of the camps they sent the Jews to who thought just like Shapiro.

It is a strange thing. I never thought I'd see the day when American campus bullies, dressed in black uniforms with hoods, and carrying dangerous weapons, would be coddled by Democrats. These stiffs actually throw around terms like "Nazi" to describe Jewish Americans who disagree with them.

Let's not mince words here. Most Democrats defend, protect, and promote the same sort of national-socialism these Democratic Party thugs do.


Are there any leaders in the GOP Senate?

© 2016 Jim Spence - There has been so much written about how disappointing the GOP leadership in Washington has been since the inauguration. There has been no shortage of finger-pointing, but those of us who pay attention know where the problem lies.

Many of us were in the camp that was most skeptical about whether or not Donald Trump would do what he said he would do after the election. No longer. Trump's appointment of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was very reassuring. And his policy proposals have been pretty much spot on. Trump has erased many of the dictator-like executive orders issued by Obama, who issued “decrees” in lieu of actually following the constitution and passing laws through Congress. Trump for the most part has been the freshest breath of air we have seen in thirty years.

It is Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan who have failed America….especially McConnell. McConnell has been so ineffective that anything Paul Ryan has managed to get done in the House has either been held up or voted down in the Republican controlled Senate. This is a failure of leadership pure and simple.

The big question is this: Do GOP Senators have any idea how mad GOP voters are at them? It seems doubtful. The things coming out of the mouths of people like Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, and John McCain suggest there is not only a disconnect between these self-important chumps and their own constituencies, but also a feeling held by them that they are immune from all scrutiny. This should not be.

How would we possibly know if there is any life left in the U.S. Senate where every possible improvement in America goes to die? You would see Mitch McConnell thrown out of the leadership post on his backside.

Are there any real leaders in the GOP Senate? Even one? For the time being the answer has to be a resounding NO.