The saddest thing of all

© 2016 Jim Spence - It would seem that the Republican-controlled Senate is going to make one final run at repealing and replacing Obamacare. We will see if Senate Republicans have any sense of duty. The current proposal being pushed by Lindsay Graham and others is much better than nothing. However, only time will tell whether people like Rand Paul, Lisa Murkowski, John McCain, and Susan Collins will vote for “improvement,” or continue to sacrifice an improvement, because it is less than perfect. I for one have no faith in these people.
In the meantime consider one of the most profound descriptions of what Barack Obama considers his signature achievement (Obamacare). The description goes something like this:
Obamacare is an onerous law passed by a Democrat-dominated United States government, that requires EVERY adult U.S. citizen to PROVE they bought health insurance.
At the same time that Obamacare was passed by these Democrats, Mr. Obama issued a decree to law enforcement that instructed officials to NOT require every adult living in the U.S. to prove they were a citizen.
Allow these facts to soak in for a moment. If you are citizen you must PROVE you bought health insurance or be heavily fined. However, if you are not a citizen, and are living here in the U.S. in direct violation of federal law, you get a complete pass.
It is not just Barack Obama who was whacked out enough to think this is fair. Democrat dominated city councils and county commissions, including several in New Mexico (Las Cruces, Santa Fe, etc.), think this is fair. The people running Las Cruces, not only believe that the health insurance proof requirement on all citizens is good policy, they also believe that adults living here illegally, who refuse to prove they are citizens, should be allowed to completely ignore our immigration laws.
There is an even greater irony in this. Democrats think people living here illegally should be entitled to receive free health insurance that is paid for by those who are forced to buy over-priced health insurance, simply because they are U.S. citizens. Let that sink in.
It would seem that Americans have been letting it sink in. Working people voted for Donald Trump, not necessarily because they liked him, but because they had grown very tired of this sort of hypocrisy from Democrats.
Despite everything that gets reported as "news" at places like ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, and even ESPN, millions of working people truly hate what Democrats are doing to them.
Of course there are many places where people vote Democrat like robots…..places like Las Cruces and Santa Fe. Democrat voting robots don’t care that New Mexico has more people collecting welfare and other giveaways from the state and federal government……..than this state has people actually WORKING and paying taxes. New Mexico voted for Barack Obama twice. And in doing so New Mexico voted to fundamentally transform America. The Democrat's idea is to punish workers and reward a complete absence of productivity. Both of our U.S. Senators embrace this philosophy. Why are 95 million adults not working? Because they don't have to.

Amazingly, the Republicans in the U.S. Senate are not sure they should do anything to reverse any of these atrocious national trends. That is certainly the saddest thing of all.